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As much as I enjoy styling, I also believe in wearing comfortable cloths and accessories. And that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. With a tint of glam, beads and sparkles, you can go from ordinary to being a true Parisian chic. I am big of fan of travelling whether it’s in my own city or outside of my city, I absolutely enjoy my walks wandering to new places. In this look, I am combining blazers and runners together to create a total comfy chic look for travelling. In this look, I am wearing a new collection piece from Converse called #ForeverChuck. I am wearing a light blue polka dot dress with my pearl beading frayed tweed blazer. I am finishing off the look with my round Ray-ban shades and stylish bag pack.  See and shop my full look below: =)

Its been crazy heck of a year and more so, because of the weather. It starts to get warmer but then rain storm/freezing rain hits and leaves Toronto cold for days. Thanks to the indecisive weather, I am not ready to leave my jacket/coat home. I am always wearing/carrying cardigan, jacket or coat to work. To make my look stylish, I came across cape coat style on Instagram and am currently in love with it. Wearing a cape coat not only adds style to your look but also make your look a little edgy. In this look, I wore a grey striped top (got it from the Premium Retail Group Warehouse Sale) with my maternity jeans. I completed the look with round Raybans, crossbody bag and cape coat. See and shop my full look below: =)

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t really look into the skincare products I was using. Although I should have (My extreme morning sickness took most of my day)! But nonetheless, I caught up towards the end of my second month. Taking care of the skin routine is as important during pregnancy as it would be if you weren’t pregnant. Luckily, I haven’t gone through major skincare changes but I did want to make sure I was using products that were harmless to me and the baby. Before I talk about about pregnancy skincare routine products, I wanted to highlight chemicals that are super harmful for your body and should be avoided during pregnancy at all cost.

What is the size of my baby? What I should or shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy? What food should I be avoiding during pregnancy? I can get the answers to all these questions in my pregnancy apps. Having apps has made it so much more easier than googling every time you have a question. Lets take a look into my favourites!

It’s starting to get pretty cold in Toronto and it feels like winter! Here I am enjoying my comfy checkered top with coat and boots. I feel as if I am not ready to leave fall yet as I know I wouldn’t be able to wear ankle high boots and coats. Those who live in Toronto know snow can be a tricky business. Depending on the temperature, it can go from frosty snow to slushy snow.

This look is all about enjoying fall costumes and the weather. I bought this checkered top and the material is wool-like so very comfy. The outfit is perfect for like an everyday wear in fall. Ps. I have to admit, I am getting better at street style walk.

Shop the look below:


Golden skirts!! Now that sounds like a holiday idea! I recently had the chance to go to a warehouse sale at Airport Rd in Mississauga (GTA area), and I found the most amazing finds like this Marciano golden pleated skirt and Guess bag. I had always wanted to pair skirts with boots as I find it that the chic-est trend in falls.

The boots were just a bit above ankle high and they were perfect for the long skirt. I wanted to give this style an edgy look thus the studded baker-boy hat. To finish it all, I was in love with the light neutral bag and I couldn’t think of a better accessory to finish the look. See and shop the full look below:

When it comes to wedding highlights, I have so many moments but I am going to be sharing my favourite ones here. Coming from a Pakistani family, I had a long traditional wedding that lasted for days in Toronto. The amount of work that goes into planning is overwhelming but I am glad how it all turned out and I was definitely satisfied at the end. I basically had three main events, starting from Henna day (Mehndi), to main Shaadi day and finally the reception (Valima). Here’s a preview from each one of the days:

We all know about summer round hats or winter hats to cover our ears from cold, what we basically miss out on is fall hats. What I love about fall hat is that it is not limited to being a round hat, caps, etc, they vary and each one is trendy in its own way. In this post, I am going to be focusing on three types of must-have hats for the season:

3 types of Fall hats

Round Hats  |  Baker-boy Hat  |  Studded Baker-boy hat