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It’s august and I can’t think of anything better to wear than wide pants. I have had the hardest time finding pants that fit well with my style till I found Uniqlo. Ever since then, I have been in love! They have quality material and best of all, have the most affordable prices. Established in 2005, the Japanese brand is known for casual wear and carry anything from pants, blouses, skirts, tees etc. In this look, I paired the pants with silk army green top. Also, special thanks to Marsquest for the amazing sunglasses. See below for the full look:

July has been an overwhelming month. My son Mikael was born on July 5 2018 and I can’t believe he is over a month now! Time flies! My body has been going through hormonal changes and right after giving birth, I started looking into skincare products to improve my skincare imbalance. Given I am a makeup junkie, I had the chance to add some makeup products to my July 2018 favorites as well. So lets have a look into my favorite products below:

Loose tops and dresses has been my best friend throughout pregnancy so far. Except for maternity pants/jeans, I haven’t shopped for maternity tops at all. I am not bragging or gloating but I haven’t gained any extra weight (except for the baby weight) so far and I am half way into 7 months of pregnancy. On my recent trips to HM, I found amazing dresses that are currently supporting me in pregnancy and one of them happens to be a blush pink dress from this look. It’s a perfect spring/summer dress and is the comfiest dress I have worn so far. I am wearing size small and it is meant to be loose so gives me plenty of comfort. In this look, I have paired my blush pink dress with studded boots and a cardigan sweater. I finished the look with cat eye sunglasses and crossbody bag. See and shop my full look below: =)


When I first started looking into the baby registry list, I was overwhelmed. With so many baby products in the market, I didn’t know where to begin! Fortunately, I spoke to a close friend who was super helpful and went through the similar process last year. She guided me to a list of products that worked amazing for her. Although everyone has different experiences and needs,  it’s always good to take suggestions, recommendations and get ideas. I also spoke with my other friends, families and co-workers, and was able to organize my thoughts better. I started making categories and listed what I think are important for each category. Obviously, I am not including everything but putting products into categories makes me organize basics together.

Eyelash lift and extensions has been the rage for the past 3-4 years. I have spoken to friends and colleagues about eyelash extensions and it has worked amazing for them. I personally never felt a need to do them as I have had naturally longer looking lashes. Recently, I went for a consultation to Infinity Beauty Healthcare Spa and Clinic and was advised to do an eyelash lift rather than eyelash extensions. Here’s the difference between the two:

As much as I enjoy styling, I also believe in wearing comfortable cloths and accessories. And that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. With a tint of glam, beads and sparkles, you can go from ordinary to being a true Parisian chic. I am big of fan of travelling whether it’s in my own city or outside of my city, I absolutely enjoy my walks wandering to new places. In this look, I am combining blazers and runners together to create a total comfy chic look for travelling. In this look, I am wearing a new collection piece from Converse called #ForeverChuck. I am wearing a light blue polka dot dress with my pearl beading frayed tweed blazer. I am finishing off the look with my round Ray-ban shades and stylish bag pack.  See and shop my full look below: =)

Its been crazy heck of a year and more so, because of the weather. It starts to get warmer but then rain storm/freezing rain hits and leaves Toronto cold for days. Thanks to the indecisive weather, I am not ready to leave my jacket/coat home. I am always wearing/carrying cardigan, jacket or coat to work. To make my look stylish, I came across cape coat style on Instagram and am currently in love with it. Wearing a cape coat not only adds style to your look but also make your look a little edgy. In this look, I wore a grey striped top (got it from the Premium Retail Group Warehouse Sale) with my maternity jeans. I completed the look with round Raybans, crossbody bag and cape coat. See and shop my full look below: =)

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t really look into the skincare products I was using. Although I should have (My extreme morning sickness took most of my day)! But nonetheless, I caught up towards the end of my second month. Taking care of the skin routine is as important during pregnancy as it would be if you weren’t pregnant. Luckily, I haven’t gone through major skincare changes but I did want to make sure I was using products that were harmless to me and the baby. Before I talk about about pregnancy skincare routine products, I wanted to highlight chemicals that are super harmful for your body and should be avoided during pregnancy at all cost.

What is the size of my baby? What I should or shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy? What food should I be avoiding during pregnancy? I can get the answers to all these questions in my pregnancy apps. Having apps has made it so much more easier than googling every time you have a question. Lets take a look into my favourites!