6 Must Have Lipstick Colors This Fall

I am a sucker for fall lipsticks. They are dark, intense, and set the tone for fall. I have this urge to go shopping for fall lipstick colors every year. To some, the colors may look crazy but I urge you to try them before passing on them. You know never, they may be the color for you. Over time, I have collected so many colors that I wanted to share my top colors with you. Keep reading below to know what they are:

5 must have fall autumn lipstick colors to try 2019 oxblood maroon burgundy chocolate shimmer shiny violet pumpkin orange Faiza Inam SincerelyHumble blog

1. Maroon Color

Maroon has and will always be my top fall statement color. The color is rich and intense and blends well with all skin tones. It is definitely my favorite fall color. For this fall, I am seriously loving Giorgio Armani’s Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick in color Dark Velvet.


2. Oxblood Color

A darker version of the color maroon (or same to some), oxblood lipsticks rock red carpets all the time. They go with all types of skin tones and on all hair colors. I personally love wearing it with dresses in fall.

3. Violet Color

The color violet is similar to the color purple (sometimes called plum) and has plenty of shades. The color is dense and if coated with shine, it can bring out the boldness in you. It’s also my favorite fall color as well!

4.  Pumpkin Orange Color

What better way to celebrate fall than with pumpkin orange. Although It seems to be worn more in summer, the color can be perfectly matched with fall outfits as well.

5. Metallic Colors

If you like playing with shine and sparkle then there is no better way to incorporate them than in lipsticks. Metallics have been hot lately and I can’t wait to play with them in my upcoming looks.

6. Chocolate Color

I am calling it chocolate but it also overlaps with nude tones as well. Frankly speaking, I love wearing chocolate tones all year round but I especially like to wear them in fall as the color works with my fall mood.

Hope you guys liked learning about fall colors. Which fall color is your favorite?




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