Eye Creams That Actually Work

Being a skincare enthusiast, I am always learning about skincare products and testing them out to see if they work for my skin or not. Eye creams seem to be a bit controversial on social media as they are being called the diluted version of face creams. Is it really the case? Upon my research and use, they are not! Depending on the eye creams you use, it can come with a lot of benefits. First thing first, know your skin concern around your eyes and research to know what ingredients will tackle that concern. Second, consistency is key. I hear a lot of people complaining that the product doesn’t work after just a week. Depending on the ingredients, it can take as long as 12 weeks to treat the concerns. Lastly, not every eye cream may work for you and that’s ok. I have tried and tested plenty of eye creams before I came to like the ones I will be mentioning below. They tackle different concerns so I will be explaining each in detail below. Let’s go ahead and have a look at the eye creams:

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1. Retinol Eye Cream

If there is one ingredient that is suggested by a lot of skincare gurus and dermatologists if you are in your 20s is retinol! Whether you are dealing with acne, dark spots, or wrinkles, retinol tackles it all. Because the area under your eyes is super sensitive, I suggest using a retinol eye cream for one main reason and that is to avoid acne and whiteheads which can lead to breakouts thus leading to dark spots, making the dark circles more visible. There have been times I got whiteheads in the area but ever since I started using retinol eye cream, I haven’t spotted a single whitehead. Retinol unclog pores reducing acne breakouts, and thus prevent acne scars. Me as a person of color, already deal with dark circles and that is why it is important for me to take extra steps to take care of my skin around the eyes. My favorite affordable and effective eye cream is from The Inkey List. I use it every night in my night skincare routine.

2. Caffeine Eye Cream

A lot of you may have heard of using tea bags on your dark circles but do you know why? Caffeine in tea bags targets puffy or swollen eyes. This can be due to many reasons and some of them are not getting enough sleep, dehydration, tiredness, etc. A lot of people experience this in the mornings, and the fastest way to depuff is by using caffeine eye cream. Surely if you have more time in the morning, you can use a teabag but that takes time and the process can be messy as well. My all-time fave caffeine eye cream is also from The Inkey List. Again, it’s affordable and super effective!

Eye Creams That Actually Work Faiza Inam sincerelyhumble The Inkey List brightening niacinamide first aid beauty retinol caffiene skincare 3

3. Niacinamide Brightening Eye Cream

Niacinamide is my all-time favorite ingredient for uneven skin tone or dark spots. I use this ingredient religiously at night but I have also started using First Aid Beauty Eye Niacinamide Brightening Cream during the day. This eye cream brightens and hydrates my dark circles. I wear this on days when I am not wearing any makeup but still want my eyes to look fresh. The eye cream also has sodium hyaluronate which keeps my dark circles smooth hiding any visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Who uses eye creams? And what are everyone’s thoughts on eye creams? Let us know in the comments below!

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