Fall Vogue


No matter what weather, a stylish cardigan can always make a statement. I always leave the house wearing a cardigan as I feel my look is incomplete without it. September/October has both been warm and cold so it is still OK to wear light cardigans. One of my go-to looks includes jeans with a tee and a statement cardigan to finalize the look. See below my 3 trendy cardigan looks:

I am always in search of a different type of blouse. As much as I enjoy wearing blouses with frills and layers, I was searching for a blouse that had a fall feel to it. Luckily, I came across this on Uniqlo (you can tell how obsessed I am with their collection) and this found drape mock neck blouse. It definitely is different and so, I matched it with my pleated skirt. The full look is as below.

Honestly guys, there is something about transitioning seasons that gets me hooked on to specific colors. As soon as it gets chilly, I get alerted telling me to dress in dark colors. When I found buckled belt plaid top online two months back, I knew immediately it was perfect for fall! The top can be paired with jeans, leggings or any type of pants and goes amazing with ankle boots.

I always love a good pair of jeans but what I love more is when I pair jean on jeans. I am just getting back to my pre-pregnancy body but I still have a long way to go. I am currently breastfeeding which makes it hard for me to start gym. I have this big chunk of belly fat that I want to get rid of so I can start wearing my jeans again. Unfortunately, the only pair of jeans that fit me currently is my boyfriend jeans. So I am always pairing these jeans with all types of tops and there is no better pair to match it with than its very own jean top.

It’s august and I can’t think of anything better to wear than wide pants. I have had the hardest time finding pants that fit well with my style till I found Uniqlo. Ever since then, I have been in love! They have quality material and best of all, have the most affordable prices. Established in 2005, the Japanese brand is known for casual wear and carry anything from pants, blouses, skirts, tees etc. In this look, I paired the pants with silk army green top. Also, special thanks to Marsquest for the amazing sunglasses. See below for the full look:

It’s starting to get pretty cold in Toronto and it feels like winter! Here I am enjoying my comfy checkered top with coat and boots. I feel as if I am not ready to leave fall yet as I know I wouldn’t be able to wear ankle high boots and coats. Those who live in Toronto know snow can be a tricky business. Depending on the temperature, it can go from frosty snow to slushy snow.

This look is all about enjoying fall costumes and the weather. I bought this checkered top and the material is wool-like so very comfy. The outfit is perfect for like an everyday wear in fall. Ps. I have to admit, I am getting better at street style walk.

Shop the look below:


Golden skirts!! Now that sounds like a holiday idea! I recently had the chance to go to a warehouse sale at Airport Rd in Mississauga (GTA area), and I found the most amazing finds like this Marciano golden pleated skirt and Guess bag. I had always wanted to pair skirts with boots as I find it that the chic-est trend in falls.

The boots were just a bit above ankle high and they were perfect for the long skirt. I wanted to give this style an edgy look thus the studded baker-boy hat. To finish it all, I was in love with the light neutral bag and I couldn’t think of a better accessory to finish the look. See and shop the full look below:

We all know about summer round hats or winter hats to cover our ears from cold, what we basically miss out on is fall hats. What I love about fall hat is that it is not limited to being a round hat, caps, etc, they vary and each one is trendy in its own way. In this post, I am going to be focusing on three types of must-have hats for the season:

3 types of Fall hats

Round Hats  |  Baker-boy Hat  |  Studded Baker-boy hat


I was all smiley during this look but I wanted to look a bit more fierce as well. When both of my expressions are brought together, this created what I call my fall streetstyle version (my look of the season ;)). As you scroll through the photos, you can see that my expressions change a lot.

A bit more about the look! I was thinking a bit about the Parisian style, from baker-boy hat to long black cardigan. I am listing all the outfit details below as well as similar ones, let me know how you all find the look. Also, the original black cardigan is from SpoofStore (they have amazing finds, CLICK HERE to check it out)