And the Best 2019 Family Costume Goes to…

I am a sucker for family costumes. That’s something I definitely want to do with my husband and son down the road. This Halloween, I literally waited for October 31 just so I can see what everyone came up with. I saw so many amazing costumes that quite frankly, it was a little hard for me to choose the top five so I came up with the top 6. Ok, I am going to stop blabbering and show you the best  family costumes (in my opinion) below:

6. Kim Kardashian

I loved Flintstones growing up and @KimKardashian made sure she adds as many characters as possible to complete the look. I give Yabba Dabba Doo to this!

5. Jean Wang

I came across so many Alladin and Princess Jasmine costumes that it was a little for me to pick just one but I just loved @jeanwang‘s Abu so much that I had to pick this one. Aren’t they the cutest family?

4. Huda

I always see Adam Family costumes every year but oh boy, @Huda totally rocked it this year. Not to mention their expression, their seriousness made them more of an Adam Family than anything.

3. Khloe Kardashian

This has to be the cutest one! @KhloeKardashian made sure there were enough Dalmations to pull the look off.

2. Paola Alberdi

My husband is big on Star Wars and he’s been making me catch up on it as well. I totally loved the family costume idea and @PaolaAlberdi pulled off Rey so well. This had to be one of my favorite family costumes!

1. Karen Wazen

This was by far my favorite family costume and since Game of Thrones is still fresh, no costumes could beat this look. We have them all! Daenerys, John Snow and the three little cute and wild dragons. Seriously loved the idea!

 Whats costumes did you guys like this year? Leave them in the comments below.

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