Basic to Fancy Amazon Prime Day Deals

Ok, I am on a roll here with prime day deals because there is so much I want to cover so you can get the best deals. For this post, I am focusing on basics (such as wardrobe necessities to athletic wear) to more fancy looks (dresses and outerwear). So let’s go ahead and get started with the deals:

1. Basics

Basics are what you need in your wardrobe. Those are pieces that can be worn over and over again and can be combined with other pieces from your wardrobe. Think of them as a necessity as you will always want to have it no matter what. For example, everyone needs that one button-down shirt or that tank top that can be worn with numerous looks.

2. Active Wear

Let’s talk about activewear! Amazon has their own line of activewear brands and I love that they have so much variety. Having the right activewear is important, as it will help your skin breathe. With us still being in quarantine, a lot of people prefer to wear activewear at home as wearing them can prevent sagging. And if you are going to the gym, they will further enhance your performance as well. I am just a huge fan of the leggings from Amazon, they are something everyone should have!

3. Dresses

Ok let’s get into my favorite section which is dresses. I am in love with every piece I have posted below. From floral work patterns to 100% cotton pastel dresses to formal wear; I want it all. There is a lot of them that are under $100 as well. They are what I would call a “good deal”.

Basic to Fancy Amazon Prime Day Deals dresses shopbop on sale sincerelyhumble faiza inam 1

4. Cozy Wear

Last but not least, as we are in the fall going to winter soon, it’s important to have outerwear. From blazers to sweater knits, to jackets, there is again so much on sale. Also if you are looking for colored blazers, the color lilac and lime are on sale for just $37.83. As these colors have been in, why not have it in your closet.

Basic to Fancy Amazon Prime Day Deals dresses shopbop on sale sincerelyhumble faiza inam 4

So everyone, here are some pieces I have narrowed down for Amazon’s prime day. Have you ordered any pieces yet? Let us know.

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