Why fitting matters with Jean Machine

My style is very personal to me! I am always on a lookout for fittings that not only go with my style but are also comfortable . When it comes to jeans, I want a pair that looks trendy yet cozy to my style. In my recent with collaboration with Jean Machine, I was able to find the perfect styles and brands with the help of denim stylists at the store.

When I was speaking to Dylan (stylist) about my style, he was able to walk me through the different brands (Levi’s, Silver Jeans, Mavi, Yoga Jeans, Guess Jeans, Buffalo Jeans etc.) and educate me about the types of denim. Some types were boyfriend low-rise, skinny high-rise, mid-rise ankle high-rise skinny, girlfriend jeans etc. I am open to trying out new styles as you never know, you may end up liking something. The stylists at the store were super friendly and helpful. While trying out jeans, they helped me mix match denim with tops as well. At the end of my styling appointment, I was hooked with Jean Machine.

My end session included getting 3 types of jeans that went perfectly with my style. Let’s look at each one of them below:

Jean Machine Fit Matters Campaign

Photography by: Abdur.ca

Yoga Jeans – Perfect Fit

Yoga jeans are made to fit all body size and age. When you find the right size, you will love the fit. I tried out 3 different sizes till I found 26 which happened to be my perfect size. What I also loved was the bottoms. They were destroyed to give an edgy and street style look.

Jean machine-fit-matters-yoga-jeans-slim-fit-spoofstore-fall-fashion-style-Jeanmachine-fit-matters-yoga-jeans-slim-fit-spoofstore-fall-fashion-style-Guess Girlfriend Jeans

This one happened to be my favourite finds. As I mentioned earlier, I am always on a lookout for something that is comfortable and girlfriend jeans is exactly what I was looking for. Surprisedly, I have heard a lot of boyfriend jeans but didn’t know much about girlfriend jeans. Dylan (stylist) was able to educate me that girlfriend jeans are similar to boyfriend jeans but are more fitted as opposed to boyfriend jeans. This one also happened to be a high rise and go perfect with crop tops.

JeanMachine-fit-matters-Slim-Boyfriend-jeans-Guess-fall-fashion-style JeanMachine-fit-matters-Slim-Boyfriend-jeans-Guess-fall-fashion-style

Silver jeans Girlfriend style

Last but not least, this find was also similar to the last one. It was like a classic boyfriend look with an ultra-feminine twist, the jeans has a slimmer but slightly slouchy fit through hips and highs. Again, it also gives an edgy and more street style look. I paired the jeans with a tee. You can’t go better than that!

JeanMachine-fit-matters-Silver-Jeans-Girlfriend-Shein-fall-fashion-style JeanMachine-fit-matters-Silver-Jeans-Girlfriend-Shein-fall-fashion-style JeanMachine-fit-matters-Silver-Jeans-Girlfriend-Shein-fall-fashion-style

Lastly, shoutout to Dylan and Sean for helping me create the look. Thank you guys 🙂

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