How to Style Puff Sleeves in Fall

If there is one trend I love and wear all year long is puff sleeves. Whether it’s in a blouse, dress shirt, dresses, coats, etc, I can never get enough of it. If someone asked me what my statement piece is! My answer is always puffed sleeves. I don’t need to do too much with my look because the puff sleeves will do the work for me. Whether it’s a puff sleeve, balloon sleeves, bishop sleeves (they are all somewhat the same with minor adjustments), it’s an everlasting trend. Now without further ado, let’s go ahead and learn how to style puff sleeves this fall:

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1. Invest in Puff Sleeve Outerwear

Fall is all about layering and if you are looking for outerwear, invest in a good quality light or heavy outerwear. If it’s early fall, look for a sheer puff-sleeved trench coat (like in the photos below!). Or for bishop sleeves coat for later fall or early winter. The sleeves will instantly level up your look. The best thing about layering is that you can wear pants, dresses, stockings, etc. underneath and the outerwear will go with any look!

2. Pair Puff Sleeve Blouses with Pants

Whether it’s jeans, dress pants, or a skirt, wearing a puff sleeve blouse will instantly lift up your look. I find this look more modest and practical for work. Here is my favorite look with dress pants.

3. Try Puff Sleeve Dresses

Many of you may be thinking it’s a little too late for dresses but I disagree otherwise. Last year, I wore this puff sleeve leather dress during holidays with stockings and it was by far one of my favorite winter dress looks. And if it’s not too cold in your area, you can wear a light dress with boots as well. I found some amazing puff sleeve dresses that are affordable and trend-worthy below.

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4. Look for Puff Sleeve Sweater

Last but not least, buy yourself a puff sleeve sweater top or dress. It’s a perfect way to stay cozy and on-trend together. I am personally in love with the sweater dress (bottom left) as I love the work on it. The sleeve and work make the dress stand out.

Again there are endless ways to wear puff sleeves. Do you have any tips on how to style puff sleeves this fall? Share with us in the comment section below.


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