The Beginning of my Endy Mattress Journey

I like my home to be fancy! I like everything pretty but when it comes to things associated with comfort; I am very picky about them. The mattress is just one of the things I am hesitant on buying as I want to make sure I am getting good night sleep without any distractions and discomfort.

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The Beginning of my Endy Mattress Journey

Ever since I gave birth to my son less than 6 months ago, I have had back pains all year long. They still haven’t gotten better and my mattress (before Endy) hasn’t helped a bit. The mattress was a little stiff and was missing the right firmness for my back. When I came across Endy, I knew I was starting my Endy mattress journey sleep. It’s been over a week since I have been sleeping in my Endy mattress and here some of my thoughts on it:

  • The Endy Mattress is a 100% Canadian made and manufactures entirely in Canada
  • I love their guaranteed policy. If you unsatisfied within a 100-day trial, you can return the mattress
  • My unboxing and setup experience was straightforward. Right after unboxing the mattress roll, I removed the plastic packaging and waited for the mattress to expand
  • It’s a foam mattress and has the right amount of firmness and doesn’t sink too much (great for my back pain)
  • Something I wasn’t aware of! It also has temperature regulating top layer  (A bonus for me!!)
  • The mattress is designed to minimize motion transfer. Since I am a light sleeper, this works to my benefit as my husband’s movement wakes me up
  • The price for all types of Endy mattresses is all under $1,000 and also has financing options available

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My opinion so far:

I am definitely a fan of the mattress so far. It has given me the support I was looking for and can’t imagine my sleep without it. I would definitely recommend the mattress to anyone looking for a good comfortable sleep. If you looking to purchase the mattress, USE CODE FAIZA50 and get $50 off on your next purchase.

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NOTE: This post is sponsored by Endy but all opinions are my own


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  1. Sage
    December 29, 2018 / 2:44 am

    I got Endy mattress for myself 6 months ago and I love it. The mattress has a great firmness!!

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