My favourite pregnancy apps

What is the size of my baby? What I should or shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy? What food should I be avoiding during pregnancy? I can get the answers to all these questions in my pregnancy apps. Having apps has made it so much more easier than googling every time you have a question. Lets take a look into my favourites!

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Top Pregnancy Apps


I had known about BabyCentre before I became pregnant. When I googled about conceiving or getting pregnant, BabyCentre would pull up all types of discussions women would be having about pregnancy. I downloaded the app when I found out I was pregnant. The app takes me from week to week telling me the size of the baby as well as unveils me to various pregnancy topics. For example, when I was 7 weeks pregnant, I would get a weekly newsletter suggesting me what I may be going through in the current week, why I should continue with Folic Acid and how much walking I should be doing in a day.

Pregnancy Apps 1 BabyCenter

What to Expect

This is similar to BabyCentre but is different in its own way. Like BabyCentre, It tells me the size fo the baby every week, its weight as well as gives me weekly notifications. It also generates about 4-5 topics everyday as well. I like how each topic is sectioned out and fits within a page so I don’t have to scroll much. No wonder it’s one of my favourite apps!

Pregnancy Apps 1 What to Expect

The Bump

The bump is similar to the above pregnancy apps. What I love about about the app is the 3D shape of the baby every week. I literally go to the app to get an idea about my baby every week.

Pregnancy Apps 1 The Bump



  1. Cissy
    March 28, 2018 / 11:59 am

    So true Faiza..these apps have been my life savers throughout my journey too. Wishing you a safe delivery. Cissy.

    • admin
      April 4, 2018 / 6:02 pm

      Thank you <3 Hope your pregnancy is well too. Cant wait to see pics of your newborn soon!

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