Gifts That Will Make An Impact

This year has been hard on all of us and as the year ends, we are headed for a hopeful new year ahead. We have all been looking forward to the holidays to distract and lighten our mood so let’s make this holiday more valuable by helping those in poverty and facing injustice. World Vision Canada has been working tirelessly during the pandemic to serving children, families, and communities by providing them with resources to achieve sustainable living. I am proud to partner with World Vision Canada to bring you a Gift Catalogue that will make a difference to those in need in over 50 countries. Here is how you can gift over 90+ meaningful gifts for Christmas this year.

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What’s in the Gift Catalogue?

You can choose from over 90 gift catalogue items and World Vision Canada has made it easier to find gifts by dividing the catalogue into categories including most needed, clean water, artisan gifts and apparel, health & nutrition, education, clean water, gifts under $30 and more.

How Does it Work?

Once you decide what you like to gift from the gift catalogue, you can go ahead and submit the order three ways. The first is by visiting, the second is by calling 1.800.844.7993 and lastly, completing and mailing the order form on p.12 (if you have the physical gift catalogue copy). This is the perfect way to celebrate a closed one by giving a charitable gift in their name.

What I Am Gifting From The Gift Catalogue?

My brother and I started doing food drives when we are teenagers to help those in need and that’s where my passion for giving back began. I always knew about World Vision but when I started exploring it deeper years back, I felt it aligned with my values of working with children and women. There are so many ways we can help children and women and I find causes like gender inequality, girls’ hygiene kit, and anything relating to nourishing the lives of children very close to my heart. Being a woman and a mother, my focus in giving back goes to empowering children and women and I am grateful to World Vision Canada for making it all easier through the platform.

My recent find from the gift catalogue was Kenyan Handmade Earrings from the Artisan Gifts and Apparel section. They were handmade in Kibera, Kenya, and are a perfect present to give to a closed one to wear on occasions.

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What You Can Do?

Except for physical gift items (which are in the artisan gifts and apparel section), the gift catalogue is donation you are making to help support children and families. As we are still over a week away from Christmas, you can still buy charitable gifts anytime before or even on Christmas Day for a closed one in their name. If you have a limited budget for giving back, you can also shop from Under $30 section.

I have already set my budget for giving back aside as that helps me stay organized financially. Do you give back on holidays or throughout the year? And are you planning on giving back this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by World Vision Canada

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