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About Faiza Inam Sincerely Humble BlogSincerely Humble is a platform created by Faiza Inam to share her fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle inspiration. Since starting her blog in November 2016, Faiza has become an inspiration to the North American market with a huge impact on the South Asian community. The Communication and Digital Design graduate worked in Broadcast, Radio and Digital Agency before deciding to pursue digital storytelling full-time.

Faiza continues to inspire her readers to wear comfortable, affordable, edgy and trendy wear. Her unique style acts as a fashion statement to empower others to lead a fashionable and trendy life. The mommy blogger loves challenging trends to create a style she enjoys wearing. She has worked with numerous brands and continues to gain popularity with medium-sized to large-sized brands. Her brand collaborations include Pandora, Annabelle Cosmetics, Motus Bank, UNIQLO, etc. She has also been featured in NarCity, InStyle and Sunday Times (See full list HERE). She currently lives with her husband and son and is obsessed with her little family.

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