Winter Trend


I am guilty of not putting effort to get dressed better in winter. I mean, it’s always cold outside and all I want to do is cuddle in my pajama indoors. The winter lasts longer in Canada and there have been times it lasted more than 6 months. And I am pretty much used to it! For me, casual clothes refer to everyday wear that is comfortable and relaxing yet stands out. The dressing up requires minimum effort but you need to know what will bring out the look! Here are my thoughts on how to dress casually for winter this year:

Toronto can be super cold in winter! But the days it’s not cold, I try to make the most use of my outfits. The weather was alright when I took the photos but within 2 hours of being outside, it started snowing. Nevertheless, I decided to wear wide leg white jeans with a leather jacket. I call it a leather jacket fancy. Notice in the last second last photo, I wore my fav camel coat to cover myself from the cold later on. Check out the full look below:


I have recently been getting addicted to all types of nude or neutral colors. It’s not that I don’t have enough, my closet already had a range of beige colors but I am always taking in inspiration from all over and beige seems to be getting to me. In this post, I captured all shades of neutrals. From light brown to camel hues to dark chocolate brown, I wanted to add it all in. Here is the final look! Some might be wondering if this is enough for cold winter in Toronto, I would say no. But it is suitable for ordinary snow day without wind or freezing point. Hope you guys like the look! I have also listed the product shop prices below 🙂

Its been crazy heck of a year and more so, because of the weather. It starts to get warmer but then rain storm/freezing rain hits and leaves Toronto cold for days. Thanks to the indecisive weather, I am not ready to leave my jacket/coat home. I am always wearing/carrying cardigan, jacket or coat to work. To make my look stylish, I came across cape coat style on Instagram and am currently in love with it. Wearing a cape coat not only adds style to your look but also make your look a little edgy. In this look, I wore a grey striped top (got it from the Premium Retail Group Warehouse Sale) with my maternity jeans. I completed the look with round Raybans, crossbody bag and cape coat. See and shop my full look below: =)

My style is very personal to me! I am always on a lookout for fittings that not only go with my style but are also comfortable . When it comes to jeans, I want a pair that looks trendy yet cozy to my style. In my recent with collaboration with Jean Machine, I was able to find the perfect styles and brands with the help of denim stylists at the store.

When I was speaking to Dylan (stylist) about my style, he was able to walk me through the different brands (Levi’s, Silver Jeans, Mavi, Yoga Jeans, Guess Jeans, Buffalo Jeans etc.) and educate me about the types of denim. Some types were boyfriend low-rise, skinny high-rise, mid-rise ankle high-rise skinny, girlfriend jeans etc. I am open to trying out new styles as you never know, you may end up liking something. The stylists at the store were super friendly and helpful. While trying out jeans, they helped me mix match denim with tops as well. At the end of my styling appointment, I was hooked with Jean Machine.

My end session included getting 3 types of jeans that went perfectly with my style. Let’s look at each one of them below: