What to Pack for Tropical Vacations

Now that everything is starting to open up, I am not too far from packing for my next tropical vacation. I remember I packed my first tropical trip over 6 years ago and given I was a newbie at that time, I overpacked a lot of things and ended up using only half of them. Sometimes, you might be unsure about a clothing piece and you are not sure if you will be wearing it or not but if you didn’t use it on the previous trip, there’s a good chance you will not be using it in the next trip either. It’s important to save space in luggage and utilize it for pieces that you are actually going to wear. In today’s blog, I am listing out essentials you need in your suitcase for a tropical vacation. Let’s go ahead and have a look at them below.

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1. Focus on Light and Breezy Materials

Tropical climates are mostly hot and humid. There may be a chance for rains or thunderstorms so always look out for potential weather warnings before booking the trip. Nevertheless, there will always be sun shining over you and keeping you warm most of the times. Do not make the same mistake I made when I went for my first tropical vacation, I packed jeans and I regretted it throughout the vacation. If needed, wear jeans for the airport but you need cotton and linen pieces during the vacation. Cotton and linen are more breathable and will keep you from over-sweating during the vacation.

2. Keep Footwear Comfortable

If you are going on vacation, there’s a good chance you may have to take public transportation or even do long walks. And that is why it’s important to always carry comfortable footwear. You can pack one pair of heels for fancy dining or intimate events but the rest of the footwear should be flats/joggers.

3. Pop of Color Accessories

Instead of focusing on classic jewelry, add a pop of color earrings and beaded necklaces to make the look more vacation-worthy. I love beaded necklaces and are fun to pair with loose linen dresses and cute tops.

4. Straw Hats and Bags

I see straw hats and bags everywhere but I personally like to wear them to beaches or on tropical vacations. I personally have a straw hand-woven bag I pair with my evening dresses on vacations. I love that it is versatile and can easily be paired with any look.

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5. Never Overlook Sunscreen

I can’t emphasize much on sunscreen. If you are going to be sitting on the pool side or spending time at the beach, it is NECESSARY to wear sunscreen. As I am a person of color, I have a tendency to get hyper-pigmentation which can get worse if exposed to direct UV rays for hours. If you are of caucasian background, the rate of getting skin cancer is higher so avoid tanning in the sun and wear sunscreen at all times. I personally use ELTA MD and I get the 7oz bottle which I know will last me for months. I wear sunscreen all the time even if I am not on vacations.

Last but not least are bathing suits. I have realized that not all people go swimming during tropical vacations. They enjoy being on the beach but don’t enjoy swimming. If you are planning on swimming then make sure to pack your bathing suit, towels and any other swimming essentials you find necessary.

So everyone, here is my list of essentials for tropical vacations. Are you planning a tropical vacation soon? Let us know what you will be packing.

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