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I always look forward to summer so I can start looking for nail colors! Nail colors in summer brighten up but I also love that you can wear darker shades nowadays. Now that it is spring, I am trying to be consistent with nails and like to get them done every few weeks. And if I have a trip coming up, I get my nails done with a gel. But for now, I am sticking to regular nail polish so I can change the colors more frequently. So guys, here are my top trending nail polish colors this season.

Ever since I moved away from Toronto, I have gotten pretty much used to traveling back and forth to the city. Beauty care is important to me and no matter where I travel, I want to make sure I have my must-have products with me. One of the problems I faced in the beginning of my travel journey was fitting everything into my luggage case, especially big bottles. Over time, I have gotten better with packing and know exactly the right size beauty products to carry. Keep reading below to know what those beauty products are:

Those who know me know I am a necklace girl. As much as I enjoy my earrings, rings, and bracelets, I obsess over my necklace collection. From chokers to pendants to layered chains, I have come to collect all of them over the years. And this year is all about layering necklaces again. Along with collecting them, I have come to master the art of layering the necklaces. If you need tips on how to layer necklaces then keep reading these below:

As some of you may know by now, I basically live off Amazon products. Having a website that carries everything has made it so much easier for a mama like me. As we get closer to Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight some of my best pieces to give on a Mother’s Day. The items are simple and affordable and will arrive on time for Mother’s Day (That’s if you have Prime). Let’s have a look at best Amazon gifts for Mother’s Day

As we get closer to summer, I am seeing a lot of polka dots every day. From Polka dot skirts to tops to dresses, there are so many ways to style polka dots. When I started shopping for spring two months back, polka dots had already swept into retailer homepages. My Instagram feed is also starting to fill up with polka dot fashion. While a midi polka dot dress is easy to wear and doesn’t require a lot of coordination, I wanted to show ways to incorporate polka dots pieces into your outfit. Let’s go ahead and look at polka dot trends: