Summer Fashion


Those who know me know I am a necklace girl. As much as I enjoy my earrings, rings, and bracelets, I obsess over my necklace collection. From chokers to pendants to layered chains, I have come to collect all of them over the years. And this year is all about layering necklaces again. Along with collecting them, I have come to master the art of layering the necklaces. If you need tips on how to layer necklaces then keep reading these below:

As we get closer to summer, I am seeing a lot of polka dots every day. From Polka dot skirts to tops to dresses, there are so many ways to style polka dots. When I started shopping for spring two months back, polka dots had already swept into retailer homepages. My Instagram feed is also starting to fill up with polka dot fashion. While a midi polka dot dress is easy to wear and doesn’t require a lot of coordination, I wanted to show ways to incorporate polka dots pieces into your outfit. Let’s go ahead and look at polka dot trends:

Although Spring just started, I am already looking forward to summer. There are some trends that have been making waves this summer and from what it may seem, they may last a long time. So for this week’s blog, I wanted to round up my top summer 2019  trends today. Whether you like dressing up casual or trendy, these trends will make you stylish for the upcoming months.

Summer Fashion Trends 2019 Faiza Inam SincerelyHumble 1
Shop this look below:

Honestly guys, there is something about transitioning seasons that gets me hooked on to specific colors. As soon as it gets chilly, I get alerted telling me to dress in dark colors. When I found buckled belt plaid top online two months back, I knew immediately it was perfect for fall! The top can be paired with jeans, leggings or any type of pants and goes amazing with ankle boots.

I am a sucker for white in my outfits! I love adding white in just about anything. In this look, I am going to style white skirt in three ways as I have been loving my white skirt. And I love how it pops out in my outfits. It can be matched with literally any type of shoes and tops. Let’s take a look at it below:

3 ways to style white skirt


I always love a good pair of jeans but what I love more is when I pair jean on jeans. I am just getting back to my pre-pregnancy body but I still have a long way to go. I am currently breastfeeding which makes it hard for me to start gym. I have this big chunk of belly fat that I want to get rid of so I can start wearing my jeans again. Unfortunately, the only pair of jeans that fit me currently is my boyfriend jeans. So I am always pairing these jeans with all types of tops and there is no better pair to match it with than its very own jean top.

When it comes to professional minimal dressing or business look, there is nothing better than a light buttoned dress shirt and black dress pants. When I am attending conferences or going in for a meeting, I always try to dress similar to this look. The look is not inspired by one but many corporate woman I see roaming Downtown everyday. I am always about street style to chic looks but this one is merely a business or corporate look. Check out the full look and see the outfit details below:

TOP: SpoofStore  |  Dress pants: Similar  |  Guess Cross Body Bag: Similar  |

Heels: Similar  |  Sunglasses: Smith

The words “street style” is used a lot on IG and probably by all fashion bloggers but I feel that a lot of us are not really familiar with what it really means or where it comes from. Street style look is less to do with conservative or traditional fashion and more to do with fashion that has originated from streets. Literally!! That’s all it is.

Growing up in Scarborough has literally opened my eyes to street style. Destroyed jeans, over sized tees and boots is what I am talking about. In this look, I wore what I felt is a street style look. See and shop outfit details below:


My style is very personal to me! I am always on a lookout for fittings that not only go with my style but are also comfortable . When it comes to jeans, I want a pair that looks trendy yet cozy to my style. In my recent with collaboration with Jean Machine, I was able to find the perfect styles and brands with the help of denim stylists at the store.

When I was speaking to Dylan (stylist) about my style, he was able to walk me through the different brands (Levi’s, Silver Jeans, Mavi, Yoga Jeans, Guess Jeans, Buffalo Jeans etc.) and educate me about the types of denim. Some types were boyfriend low-rise, skinny high-rise, mid-rise ankle high-rise skinny, girlfriend jeans etc. I am open to trying out new styles as you never know, you may end up liking something. The stylists at the store were super friendly and helpful. While trying out jeans, they helped me mix match denim with tops as well. At the end of my styling appointment, I was hooked with Jean Machine.

My end session included getting 3 types of jeans that went perfectly with my style. Let’s look at each one of them below: