As some of you may know by now, I basically live off Amazon products. Having a website that carries everything has made it so much easier for a mama like me. As we get closer to Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight some of my best pieces to give on a Mother’s Day. The items are simple and affordable and will arrive on time for Mother’s Day (That’s if you have Prime). Let’s have a look at best Amazon gifts for Mother’s Day

I have officially spent over 100 nights on Endy mattress and have a lot to say about the mattress. When I first got the mattress, I was a bit skeptical yet hopeful about trying the Endy mattress. I am usually a light sleeper but have turned into a heavy sleeper due to the lack of sleep I get with an 8-month-old. These last few months with a newborn were challenging and made me focus on self-care or in other words, my own comfort.  To be honest, I never deeply looked into my comfort sleep or even considered a mattress as an important factor. Now when I look back and compare my previous mattress with Endy; there is definitely a difference. I have found Endy to have changed me and have given me true comfort sleep. And here are the reasons why I would recommend Endy:

When I started thinking of what I am going to write on balancing motherhood and blogging with a newborn, I didn’t know where to begin. It’s constantly an everyday challenge. I may learn to organize my work schedule but then Mikael is changing every day and I have to cope up with his challenges as well. There is no easy way to achieving that balance but I have learned some things that I wanted to share with you. If you are struggling with balance, keep reading below:

One of the reasons why I love winter so much is because of the holidays. I love the feeling of winter slowly taking over and everything starting to light up around you. I enjoy going shopping during this time and of course, I love planning dinners with families and close loved ones. Amongst all the planning, the holidays sometimes don’t go as planned and I am left with bills to pay post-holiday season. This happened to me some years back and I was left paying bills for months.

As this is Mikael’s first holiday season, I wanted to prepare ahead of time and set up a budget for holidays. Luckily, I had my PC Financial World Elite Mastercard to get me started. What I love about the card is earning 3X the PC Optimum points and being able to redeem them for PC products. To top it off, the PC points can be redeemed at @loblawson, @Joefresh, and @shoppersdrugmartofficial to name a few.

My honeymoon was one of the best vacations I have ever had. We touched 3 continents in 3 weeks and explored so much before starting our journey together. We booked our Honeymoon 4-5 months before the travel and were luckily able to get all the best spots. While it was Sarmad’s idea to explore Asia, I was more fixated on Dubai. So we decided to make a trip to both countries plus made a short visit to Europe’s very own romantic city Paris. This was back in August 2015. Now when I look back, it’s important to me to document the journey on my blog. Let’s have a look at my honeymoon guide and the hotels I stayed at.

Before I was a mom, my daily IG feed consisted of fashion, beauty, and home-related content. From going pregnant to having Mikael, my IG feed now consists of blogger mamas narrating their lifestyle. I am always in search of and following Toronto mama bloggers who continue to inspire me through their beautiful feed. Without further ado, let’s look at some of my favorite Toronto mama bloggers who continue to inspire me every day:

Decor is something I am passionate about! I love arranging and re-arranging displays, furniture and love adding new pieces to my space all the time. I am going to be moving out of my condo space in about a month and I thought this would be the perfect time to do a living room reveal. I moved into my condo in fall 2017 and due to limited space, we decided it was time we get a more spacious place for us and Mikael. It took me some months to setup my place but when I became pregnant, I didn’t have the energy to barely move. As that period is over, I finally put everything together. So without further ado, let’s look at the pictures below:

My Living Room Reveal

faiza inam sincerely humble home decor home inspo living room reveal inspiration coffee table display florals 1

faiza inam sincerely humble home decor home inspo living room reveal inspiration coffee table display florals
The marble coffee table is from Structube but is not available anymore. Make sure to check out similar coffee tables below. =)
faiza inam sincerely humble home decor home inspo living room reveal inspiration coffee table display florals
The frames are from Ikea and the prints are from ETSY. I absolutely love ETSY! It has so much creativity to offer.
faiza inam sincerely humble home decor home inspo living room reveal inspiration coffee table display florals
I get most of my finds from Homesense and Marshalls. Every time I step into the stores, I walk out with bags full. I am literally obsessed!
faiza inam sincerely humble home decor home inspo living room reveal inspiration coffee table display florals 5
The lamp is from Turkey and can be found in most tourist stores. The best part is that the store owners offer to ship them to us as the whole piece is too heavy and fragile to carry.

As the collection is not available online, I am linking similar products below. Hope it helps!  =)

When I first started looking into the baby registry list, I was overwhelmed. With so many baby products in the market, I didn’t know where to begin! Fortunately, I spoke to a close friend who was super helpful and went through the similar process last year. She guided me to a list of products that worked amazing for her. Although everyone has different experiences and needs,  it’s always good to take suggestions, recommendations and get ideas. I also spoke with my other friends, families and co-workers, and was able to organize my thoughts better. I started making categories and listed what I think are important for each category. Obviously, I am not including everything but putting products into categories makes me organize basics together.

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t really look into the skincare products I was using. Although I should have (My extreme morning sickness took most of my day)! But nonetheless, I caught up towards the end of my second month. Taking care of the skin routine is as important during pregnancy as it would be if you weren’t pregnant. Luckily, I haven’t gone through major skincare changes but I did want to make sure I was using products that were harmless to me and the baby. Before I talk about about pregnancy skincare routine products, I wanted to highlight chemicals that are super harmful for your body and should be avoided during pregnancy at all cost.