5 Ways to Sleep Better in Winter

Are you one of those who struggle to sleep on time and instantly regret it the next day? I was always that person and called myself the night owl. I slept late because I felt more fresh doing work at night. This habit was stronger in winter, I deliberately slept late so I could wake up late in winter mornings. I have never enjoyed waking up early in winter mornings. But with time, I have gotten better and there were some sleeping habits I had to push away to make room for healthier habits. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and have a look at them below:

5 Ways to Sleep Better in Winter faiza inam 1

1. Start with a Routine

For you to understand how to make a routine, we need to understand how our brain works. We have trained our brain to fall asleep and wake up at a certain time. For example, if you sleep at 12 am but want to sleep earlier like at 9 pm. Your brain will not respond to your new habit unless you enforce it on yourself and then stick to it. Breaking bad habits take time and enforcing new habits requires commitment so if you want to commit, you need to go all in. And I promise the new habit is so much better and healthier.

2. Use Bed For Sleep Only

Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, it has become so much more harder to stay away from phones, tablets and TVs especially in bed. On top, a lot of us use bed time to reflect on our day which also is a distraction. I was reading somewhere that those under stress or depression tend to use bed time to go over the depressing thoughts over and over again. It is important to train your brain to associate bed with only sleep. With that being said, try to avoid daily reflections and thoughts, phones and tablets during bed time as it will all continue to be a distraction for your bed. The distractions keep signaling your brain to stay up in bed when you should be sleeping. Instead train your mind to use bed only for sleep. By doing that, you are training your brain to sleep as soon as you get in the bed.

3. Lights Make a Difference

I actually never knew lights make so much difference. Growing up, my parents always had bright lights which I liked but also realized later on that they actually kept me up even if I wanted to take naps during the day. When I moved to my new place, my place had yellow dim lights and just being in that room would make me sleepy. I didn’t realize the lights could make so much difference. My suggestion is to have changing lights (not sure if that’s the exact name for it) that you can brighten during the day and dim at night. If we can control the light exposure throughout the day, we can prepare ourselves to sleep better at night and wake up early as needed.

4. Avoid Eating Before Bed

When you are too full or not full enough, it will distract you from falling asleep. Always eat in moderation and avoid getting overfull. Vice versa, if you are hungry before bed, eat something small like a fruit to fill yourself for the moment and avoid over eating.

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5. Make the Room Comfortable

Last but not least, make yourself comfortable enough to make you fall asleep. I always have a humidifier on and I like my corner to be very dark. All of these little things actually make a lot of difference.

5 Ways to Sleep Better in Winter faiza inam 2

So everyone, what are your sleeping habits? Do you sleep and wake up on time? Or do you struggle with sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

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