How I Rock a Cool Mom Look in Summer

Now that majority of the places are opening up, it’s time to get dressed and enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and of course, long daylight hours. Being a mom, I understand that sometimes we need that extra push as we are always swamped with being a mom, as well as having to keep up with household and work duties. We live in the time of fast fashion where it’s easy to get overwhelmed with fashion choices but if you understand the basic summer wardrobe essentials, getting ready won’t take as much time and you can pull off any look, believe me! I have personally been through a period where all I did was stay in sweat sets (in other words, joggers, sweatshirts and hoodies) but when I picked up on quick styling tips, getting ready got way easier. In today’s blog, I am sharing summer essentials that will keep you looking like a cool mom with minimum effort. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the essentials:

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1. T-Shirts Will Always Be Basics

Now I can’t emphasize enough on t-shirts. We do live in a time where bra tops and crop tops are a new thing but that doesn’t mean t-shirts are out. In fact, t-shirts are those basics that will never go out of trend. It all comes down to how you style them. For a causal look, I tuck them in jeans, skirts and basically any bottom I are comfortable in. To dress up, I will layer it with a linen blazer. Or you can even get a t-shirt dress. There are endless ways to style a t-shirt. I always get my t-shirts and shirt dresses from Amazon. The Amazon Essentials have 100% cotton t-shirts at affordable prices. They also come in tons of colors, with different designs like v-neck, crewneck, relaxed fit, sleeveless etc, and are perfect for endless summer looks.

2. Jeans Always

Jeans will always be a part of my cool mom outfit wardrobe. Even before I had my son, I was always wearing jeans and would comfortably choose jeans over dress. After I had my son, I went up a size but jeans always remained a part of my wardrobe. I am actually happy that we have moved away from fitted jeans trend as I personally didn’t find it cool. Baggy jeans, paper-bag jeans, relaxed jeans is where I am at. They will make you look effortlessly cool and super chic. Some of my favorites are from Levis, American Apparel, Zara and Agolde.

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3. Are Knit Dresses a New Trend?

As much as I love other dresses, nothing is more comfortable yet fashionable than a knit dress. Correct me if I am wrong but the knit dress trend wasn’t there last summer. I guess ever since we have started 2020s, we have moved to a lot of new trends that will stay for the next few years. It looks like knit summer dresses will be part of the new trend that’s here to stay. I also love the that knit dresses aren’t fitted anymore, in fact they are loose and very much flexible. In summary, I am just glad there are here to stay for a while.

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4. Jewelry is Your Best Friend

Jewelry will always be your best friend. My outfit is never complete without jewelry because it brings extra details to the look without making it too flashy. You need to invest in timeless jewelry that you can wear over and over again and here are some of my recommendations below:

5. Shoes That Are Comfortable & Stylish

I have been through a phase where I felt I needed to wear high heels to look good. Overtime, I realized that it’s not only not practical but I would end up getting blisters that would last for days. Don’t get me wrong. I still wear heels but not for long hours. Instead I have invested into a lot of flats that close up. In my opinion, wearing open sandals can be uncomfortable as well at times. Here are some of my recommendation from known brands at affordable prices.

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To all the moms out there, remember we can look just as good as others. It just takes a little bit effort and once you get the hand of it, you will always know how to look cool =)

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