5 Staples You Need to Survive Hot Summer

I have been speaking of summer trends in a lot of my previous posts but I just realized I haven’t touched on what staples you need to survive this summer. If you don’t have these summer staples, your summer wardrobe is incomplete to say the least. From having basic tees to maxi dresses to slides, these are some of the pieces you need to have in your summer closet to survive a hot summer. Furthermore, if you want to look extra chic and up your style game then you are here at the right page as I will be going through summer staples 2021 list. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at the hot summer staples below:

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1. Basic T-shirts

I am going to emphasize on this over and over again but every wardrobe needs t-shirts. I always look for breathable and comfortable materials like linen and cotton as they are perfect for hot summers. If you don’t have any t-shirts, I highly suggest to start with neutral colors like white, black, beige as they are easy to style and are perfect for everyday looks. I always get my t-shirts and shirt dresses from Amazon. The Amazon Essentials have 100% cotton t-shirts at super affordable prices. They also come in tons of colors, and different designs like v-neck, crewneck, relaxed fit, sleeveless etc, and are perfect for endless summer looks. Your wardrobe is incomplete without these so get your hands on them now if you haven’t already.

2. Rompers/Jumpsuits

I love rompers and jumpsuits because they are pretty easy to style and are super breathable to wear in summer. They are perfect for day and night looks and come in different patterns and designs. You will find them in short sleeve, cap sleeves, puffy sleeves, button-down, zippers and many other looks. I love how versatile they are and I can never get tired of wearing them!

3. Maxi Dresses

I am a huge fan of maxi dresses as they scream comfort and style. As much as I like my midi dresses, I find maxi dresses more breathable and comfortable for pretty much any occasion. Because they are long, the length keeps my legs protected from unexpected drop in temperature. I love them in floral, patterns and solid blocks and love pairing them with slides.

4. Button Down Boyfriend Shirt

Ok hear me out! I know what most of you may be thinking, button down shirt? Nope not for me. That’s exactly what I used to say before I learned how to style it for hot summer. As you may know, crop tops and bra tops are huge nowadays but a person like me always need that extra layer. I find wearing jean jackets or other thick material jackets too warm for hot summers. But button down boyfriend shirts are the perfect outer layer for hot summers. I also love that button down shirts also deliver a classy look. Even if you are not wearing crop tops, I find wearing just button down shirts more breathable and comfortable for a work day look.

5. Slides

Last but not least, you NEED slides to run errands and have them for quick go-to looks. If you commute to work everyday, wearing slides may be the comfortable thing you can do to yourself in summer. Just make sure to invest in affordable and stylish slides that you can use over and over again for this and next summers to come.

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Do you have these staples for summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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