How to Care For Your Handbag

When it comes to my handbags, I take special care for it. The handbags I invest in took me a while to collect – some new and some vintage – and I hold them close to my heart. I am constantly switching between handbags all the time, after all I want to make sure they match my outfit. Switching handbags and constantly using them also requires me to maintain them so they don’t wear out. There are plenty of tips I have learned in the past to care for handbags and I wanted to share them with you. Without further ado, here are my go-to tips on how to care for handbags.

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1. Always Keep the Dust bags

Dust bags usually come with handbags and are intended to protect handbags from dust, sun exposure, spills, etc. Majority of the expensive handbags come with a dust bags and will ensure your handbag stays in a good condition. If you don’t have a dust bags, you can buy silk dust bags from Amazon. They can fit majority of the handbags!

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2. Stuff the Inside

Stuffing the inside of the handbags is crucial so they don’t loose their structure. I usually get a plastic bag, stuff it with an older clothing piece (one that I am not likely to wear), and place it inside the handbags. This refrains the handbag from loosing it’s shape.

3. Protect the Inside

A lot of handbags usually get damaged on the inside first. I used to get numerous spills and stains just from throwing things in the handbag. This is when I found the handbag organizer that not only keeps my handbag organized, it also protects the insides from the spills and stains. Another tip would be to keep anything like lipsticks in a separate pouch as the cover can easily slip and cause a stain.

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4. Keep it in a Safe Place

Last but not least, have a safe place to store your handbags. I have 3 shelfs in my wardrobe that are dedicated to all my handbags. I usually put them in a duffle bag first, stuff the inside and place them side by side.

So everyone, how do you care for your handbags? Let us know in the comments below!

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