Style Secrets Every Classy Woman Should Know – Part Two

You all showed so much love to ‘Style Secrets Every Classy Woman Should Know‘ part one that I just had to do a part two. Other than investing in basics, wearings monochromes, wearing less to show more etc., there are other things classy women do to make them more classy and sophisticated. As I mentioned before, every person shows off class in their own way so use these tips as a baseline and make your own adjustment from here. So everyone, let’s go ahead and learn more style secrets every classy women knows.

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1. Start Tailoring if You Haven’t Already

Sometimes, it’s impossible to find your exact fit and that happens to me all the time with jeans. I am a petite person and jeans are always long for me. I always invest in jeans that are going to be long lasting, and so if I am keeping it for while, it only makes sense to get it tailored. Tailoring ensures I am going to get a better fit, will make it last longer, and lastly, will highlight my unique personal style. Other than jeans, I also get my suits tailored.

2. Invest in Quality Always

I have spoken of investing into quality pieces a lot because fast fashion only lasts for a season or a year the most. I have spent so much money on fast fashion in the past that I wonder if I had invested into quality pieces, I would still be wearing them. Quality pieces may be expensive but they will last you for years to come. I love the brand Everlane for quality pieces. They are known for their ethics and transparency and have great staples that you can wear year after year.

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3. Undergarments Matter

Just because undergarments are worn underneath doesn’t mean they won’t show. For example, if you are wearing off shoulder top with clear bra straps, it is total turn off for the other person to look at. Instead, try opting-in for strapless bra or nipple covers. Or if you have visible panty lines, I suggest you wear shaping panties to avoid that.

4. Self-Care Matters

Because I invested so much into fashion in the past, I never prioritized anything else like taking care of my skin, nails, hair etc. These self-care things matter as much as dressing up. You can completely pull of a look but if you are not taking care of your hair and your skin isn’t healthy, it will show. Believe me, I have been there!! And this also took a toll on my confidence because I never liked the way I looked. It took me time to realize that but having a smooth glowing skin and hydrated hair will make all the difference in your confidence and the way you present yourself. Here is my current skin and hair products I am using:

3 Self-Care Habits I Am Committing To in 2021 faiza inam mind body skin 3

5. Don’t Forget Makeup

Last but not least is makeup. I am not a huge fan of baked looks but prefer clean and simple makeup. I am a huge fan of everyday makeup look and with that being given, I need to make sure I am wearing a great foundation that matches my skin color. I also always have my go-to blush, bronzer, lipstick and eyebrow pencil handy when I need it.

So everyone, here are all my tips on how to look classy. How do you stay classy? Let us know in the comments below.

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