Style Secrets Every Classy Woman Should Know

I learned the art of dressing in my 20s when I was starting to explore fashion. The more deep I went into fashion, the more I learned how to carry myself. To be honest, it took plenty of trials and errors before I could say I know how to be fashionable and classy. In my experience, once you learn the art of fashion, you will easily pick up on being classy and that was the case for me, once I understood my style, there was no going back. So today, I wanted to share five important tips every classy women should know. Remember every person shows off class in their own way and it doesn’t mean you have to be like them to be classy but use these tips as a baseline and tweak from there.

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1. Have Plenty of Basics

At this point, I am the queen of basics because I am always stocking up on them. Basics are pieces that are timeless and worth the investment because they will look good for any day. For me personally, they are jeans, tees and blazers. They are easy to pair with fun colors and patterns and they will never fail you! I always get my basic tees, dress shirts and jeans from Amazon because they are 100% cotton with unbeatable prices.

Blazers are another essential for me as I wear them for meetings, quick coffee hangouts and events. I have had my essential blazers for as long as 5+ years because I believe investing in quality long-lasting blazers. Before you invest in any color, I always suggest to invest in neutrals as they are easy to style and can be styled with jeans, dress pants, skirts etc. There is limitless ways to style blazers and I am all hear for it.

2. Less is Always More

This is coming from a person who loves experimenting with colors. As much as love my bold colors and patterns, I have learned that less is more. When I newly got into fashion, I was always over mixing colors and prints not realizing it looked too much on me. Keeping it less will more you look sophisticated and put together. My go-to look a lot of times is jeans paired with neutral top and a blazer. To make the look pop, I may finish it bold earrings or a handbag. That way you are focusing on little details like the structure of the handbag or the cut of the earrings – making that a highlight of the look.

Just like essentials, I always believe in investing in long-lasting quality handbags. I absolutely love Coach for coming up with quality investment designs that will last for years to come.

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3. Monochromes All The Way

If there’s one thing I have learned in my career of fashion is that monochromes are everything. One way to go full monochrome is with a power suit but I do that occasionally. I wear monochromes by picking a color from my wardrobe and playing with different tones of that color. I also mix textures while putting together an outfit. I always finish off the look by accessorizing with a pop of color. Here is my recent monochrome look below:

4. Smaller is Better

If you have noticed that a lot of dresses and tops have smaller patterns. That’s because prints play on volume and wearing smaller patterns don’t overwhelm the body. That explains why polka dots and micro-florals are always huge in spring/summer.

Style Secrets Every Classy Woman Should Know dress wear Faiza Inam 2

5. Over Dress For The Occasion

I was just talking about how less is more but let’s not apply that to occasions. Go full on occasions but know what your limitations are. For example, don’t overdress at the wedding as you want everyone to focus on the bride instead. Play around with colors, textures, patterns and don’t forget your accessories as they will make your outfit pop. I love shopping at Lulus for occasions as they have tons of variety. Here’s some inspiration ideas from Lulus for this coming summer.

So everyone, here’s how to dress classy and look more sophisticated and elegant. Do you have any tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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