My 3 Essentials For a Rainy Day

Now that spring is here, it also means more rainy days. It’s true we are having sunny days, but at times, we get upto 3 rainy days where I live. At the beginning, I struggled to find rain appropriate outfits but with time, I have learned what to wear in rain situation. Now without ado, here are my fashion tips for rainy days.

My 3 Essentials For a Rainy Day Faiza Inam spring rain season 1

1. Rain Boots or Closed-Toe Shoes

Wearing open shoes in the rain is the worst especially when there is water dripping into your toes. It’s the worst feeling ever! For rainy days, avoid open toe shoes like sandals, heels etc. Instead, opt-in for rain boots. I personally am the biggest fan of classic Hunter boots as they are perfect for the weather. If you don’t have rain boots, look for closed-toe boots like ankle boots, loafers or low-heel pumps as nothing is worst than water touching your toes making your walk uncomfortable. For rain boots, I would suggest Hunter, Ugg and Tommy Hilfiger boots as they are best around for rain weather.

2. Umbrellas But Make Them Stylish

I used to hate holding umbrellas growing up but I had no choice in the rain. Fast forward now, I realized I only hated umbrellas because of the way they looked. I often took my mom umbrellas and she always carried the black shaded umbrellas. Now the more I explore, the more umbrellas I find and I just swoon over them because they instantly elevate my look in the rain.

My 3 Essentials For a Rainy Day Faiza Inam spring rain season 2

3. Don’t Hold Yourself Back on Dressing Up

Rain doesn’t stop me from dressing up. Believe me! As long as you are covering your feet and have an umbrella, you can pretty much wear anything. But if you are scared that umbrella won’t be enough, you can always wear water-proof jackets. As always, I always go to Amazon for essentials because they carry it all! Here are some I recently invested in and can’t wait to wear them in rain.

Do you all think my suggestions are enough for rainy weather? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ian Hey
    April 17, 2021 / 8:34 am

    Love your look , would go better with the tall hunters , may be a coloured pair to give a pop of colour to the black . You would also be able to jump in the puddles has well . take care Ian

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