Best Beauty Walmart Gifts To Give This Year

Sometimes we underestimate Walmart but they have so much we tend to forget about. I know we have pharmacies and drugstores to buy makeup but I have always been loyal to Walmart for my drugstore makeup. You will be surprised as to how much they carry. Similarly, during Holidays, they stock up on so many beauty gift packages that I felt were worth sharing. So without ado, let’s go ahead and have a look at them below:


1. Burt’s Bees Gift Set

If you are looking to introduce Burt’s Bee to a close family/friend then this is your chance to give them this unique set which includes deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, and lip balm. I have always been a fan of their lip balm and cleansing cream. Their products are definitely worth the hype!

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2. Skincare Fridge

If you have been following my skincare journey then you might know how important it is to store skincare products in the fridge. This is actually a great gift for any skincare junkie because who doesn’t want their own small mini-fridge!

3. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Do you know anyone who enjoys relaxing in bathtubs? Some of my close friends are a huge fan of the bath bombs because of how relaxing and soothing the aroma is. It is like treating someone to a mini bath trip.

4. Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like with skin, our hair also has natural oils and that is why it is important for a lot of people to use sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoos ensure your strands won’t lose their natural, healthy shine. This Living Proof shampoo and conditioner cleanses gently on fine hair leaving you with a shiny soft finish. This is perfect for anyone struggling with excess oil buildup and hair fall.

5. Scrunchie Gift Set

If you are a girl then you would understand how hard it is to keep up with scrunchies. I lose mine all the time! This scrunchie set is ideal for all hair types, comes in different colors and material, and are the cutest set to give to any girl.

6. Revlon Lustrous Lip Cube Set

I can never finish a full standard size lipstick. At least I haven’t yet. I found this super Revlon Lustrous Lip Cube Set in travel size and is perfect to gift to anyone. It comes in all sorts of colors and is perfect for any makeup junkie. From dark fall colors to light summer shades, this set has it all.

7. Moroccan Oil Holiday Set

If you know anyone who religiously loves the Moroccan Oil brand like I know a lot of people do then this is the best 7-piece beauty holiday gift to give them. Plus how cute is the packaging!

8. Luxurious 11 Piece Bath & Body Set

Last but not least is this white rose & jasmine 11 piece bath & body set for men & women. This is the most traditional and the most given set on holidays and I ain’t complaining. If I have one set like these, it will last me for a couple of months. The set includes shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, scrub, bath salt, 4 bath bombs, loofah, and basket.

Have you started planning for the holidays? More importantly, have you started buying gifts for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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