My skincare routine with Cyantific products

Cyantific skincare products were recently sent to me and I had the chance to try them over the week. I received the following products below and here’s what I think of them:

  1. Cyantific Protecting Daily Lotion – The moisturizer is light texture and has a decent scent to it. After applying, it leaves a light shine on the skin which I love. The lotion is SPF 30 and is made to protect against skin-aging UVA and skin-damaging UVB. To me, it personally works great on my tan skin.
  2. Cyantific Serum – I applied the serum after using facial cleanser. The liquid has ginger root extract and had a little scent to it. After applying, I felt as if my skin was more fresh as I made sure to stimulate every part of my face. The serum is great for every day use.
  3. Cynatific Night Cream – I am generally picky about my face cream as not a lot of them suit my skin. I have a combination skin and I am always on a look out for a night cream that is light in texture and feels softer on my skin. I personally loved the hydrating night cream and it is my favourite Cyantific product so far. I personally love the way it blends in my skin!

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Cyantific skincare products sincerely humble

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