3 must have fall hats in your closet

We all know about summer round hats or winter hats to cover our ears from cold, what we basically miss out on is fall hats. What I love about fall hat is that it is not limited to being a round hat, caps, etc, they vary and each one is trendy in its own way. In this post, I am going to be focusing on three types of must-have hats for the season:

3 types of Fall hats

Round Hats  |  Baker-boy Hat  |  Studded Baker-boy hat


1. Round Hat 

Round hat is the most common fall hat and is generally worn with boots and coats. It is perfect for a nice outing and looks great with any fall outfit. In the two photos below, I wore the first one with sweater and second one with cardigan. Either way, it looked great with both outfits.

cozy sweater shein sincerely humble faiza inam nordstrom boots louis vuitton fall hats
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Mustard top with hat faiza inam sincerely humble forever21 boots louis vuitton fall hats

2. Baker-boy hat

Bake-boy cap is the most missed out cap. I have noticed that everyone switches to winter hats straight from summer hats. Baker-boy cap is usually worn in fall but I noticed fashionistas wearing it in spring as well.

3 – Studded baker-boy cap

Last but not least, this is also a baker-boy cap but in leather with studs. This kind of cap is worn with edgy styles such as this one above and also, it looks great with leather jackets.

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