5 Types of Tops That Will Make You Look Expensive AF

In this video, I am talking about tops that make you look expensive AF. If you are all about looking expensive then this video is for you. Before I get into the tops, I did want to highlight some similarities that you will find in all tops. Firstly, always focus on neutral colors as they set the tone for the look. Colors like white, black, brown, camel will always make you look clean and expensive. The next thing you should be looking for in tops is the size. I highly recommend that you go for the size that is fitted for you. Don’t buy something that is too large or a size that is too tight on you. Always go for tops that fit you best! If you are having trouble with getting the right size, you can always go ahead and get it tailored. Moving on to the next suggestion, always make sure to press your tops. Doing this will make you look more polished and presentable. Lastly, stay away from graphic and vivid prints because less is more!! Now let’s go ahead and get into the video to see tops that will make you look expensive AF.

Top 1:

https://bit.ly/2Z0V3eq (exact)


Top 2:




Top 3:



Top 4:




Top 5:


5 Types of Tops That Will Make You Look Expensive AF luxury fashion fashion forward Faiza Inam 1

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