5 Ways to Tuck in your Shirt to Look More!

A tucking shirt is really an art! Just a little tuck or a full tuck can instantly change the look. What’s more amazing is that the type of tuck you do says a lot about your personality. For example, it can bring out the edginess in you, or make you look sharp, or make you look more like the title says. Gone are the way when it was about full tuck. I mean full tuck still exists but so does other tucks.

It may sound easy but tucking it in the right way is an art of its own and requires some practice in the beginning. You also have to take into account that not all shirts are made to be loose or to be tucked in fully. And to add more, each type of tuck calls a time and place as well. As mentioned in the video, there are 5 types of tucks here. And of course, there is a full tuck as well and it’s there to clean you up and make you look presentable. Another type of tuck is the half-tuck to give your look more definition. But there’s is also front tuck that’s seen more in sweaters as a chunky sweater tuck can make you look super chic and stylish. There is also side tuck and navel tuck in summary. Sharing in the video below, I am showing you the five types of tucks to look effortlessly chic and more! I am giving a tutorial for each one of the tucks as well. Whether it’s a shirt, t-shirt, and a blouse, there’s a way to style each one of them with the right tuck.  Watch the video for more.

I hope you guys liked the video. I would love to know what tuck is your favorite. Leave it in the description box below! xoxo


5 WAYS TO TUCK YOUR SHIRT TO LOOK MORE HOW TO style faiza inam tutorial 1

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