How I Style Sneakers in Winter

Winter are not all about boots! You can also wear sneakers as long as you know how to style them. As much as I enjoy boots, I sometimes would like comfort over anything else. Thanks to spending more time at home, people are gradually adapting to more comfort fashion and I am not complaining. I happen to be the person who has always loved sneakers and it makes me glad to see more sneaker outfits nowadays. In today’s post, I wanted to share ways of how I style sneakers in winter. Let’s go ahead and have a look at them below:

How I Style Sneakers in Winter Faiza Inam 1
FILA USA Sneakers | Levi’s Wide Leg Jeans | Blue Tailored Coat

1. With Loungewear

This is actually most of the common ways to style sneakers nowadays. It super straight forward and requires minimum effort. If you are already in a matching loungewear and you need to run errands, all you have have to do is throw on a pair of sneakers and your choice of coat for layering and you are good to go.

2. With Baggy Jeans

You all know from my previous post that baggy (slouchy/balloon/mom/wide leg) jeans are in trend this year and are all hear to stay for a while. I love that they are comfortable which makes the look even more comfortable when paired with sneakers.

3. With Workout Outfits

This is a no brainer! It’s winters so put on your favorite hoodie top, leggings, and light outerwear and finish it off with your sneakers if you up for some outdoor running. Or put on your matching set with sneakers if you are headed to gym. Just make sure you are comfortable in the outfit.

4. Business Casual

If you are up for some street style look, pair your sneakers with some favorite pants and finish it off with a blazer. Nothing is more powerful than a women in blazer and sneakers. She knows how to break norms and edge it up.

5. Get Bold in Sweater Dress

I am going to call this in another powerful look because it tells us anything is possible in fashion. A standard sweater dress goes well with boots but who says we can’t pair it with sneakers. I am all about experimentation and this tops it off as one of my favorite looks.

So everyone, how do you style sneakers in winter? Do you have a go-to look in sneakers? Let us know in the comments below!

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