Oversized Looks That Are Here to Stay

Fashion industry continues to bring bold and tempting trends and we aren’t complaining. I love how we are going back in the 80s to bring oversized trends which includes oversized blazers, pants and coats. I have seen so many looks back in the 80s and am so excited to be experiencing them first time. Let’s go ahead and look at the oversized trends in more details.

1. Oversized Shoulder Pad Blazers

We are circling back to 80s to bring oversized boyfriend blazers. I love wearing oversized blazers because the shoulder pads lifts up my shoulders and the blazer length elongates my legs. They are trending in neutral colors as well as other colors including sage, powder blue, and charcoal. You can pair them with boyfriend jeans or straight leg trousers for a chic boss style look.

2. Oversized Pants

Remember when the only thing we wore were skinny jeans or tight pants? It seems like yesterday. As much as loved that trend, I am loving the free and flexible oversized pants trend more. You will find these pants in styles like yoga pants, wide-leg straight pants, or loose-fitting slacks. Pair the pants with a fitted or cropped top to create a more balanced look.

3. Oversized Outwear

As first, I thought it was just oversized coats but I have been spotting oversized cardigans, vintage coats and puffer jackets. Name any color or pattern, it’s all in as long as it is oversized. Some of my favorites are oversized wool or pattern coats that can be paired with any type of straight jeans/pants or trousers.

How to Style Oversized Trend

When it comes to styling, it all comes down to your styling preference but finding a balanced approach is key. Wear too many oversized pieces can make you look bulky and disorganized. Start by adding one oversized piece to the look. Once you are comfortable, you can add two or even three oversized pieces in a look. A common oversized look I spotted lately consists of oversized blazer, oversized pants and a crop top. I find that wearing a fitted top is key to making the look more balanced.

Are you a fan of the oversized trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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