Luxury Gifts to Give to Luxury Lovers This Holiday Season

We all have that one person who is all about luxury. He/she breathes luxury whether it’s in the form of clothing, handbags, perfumes, and even makeup/skincare. I know I personally know plenty around me and believe me when I say this, they will never get tired of it so why not give them more this season. This took me a while but I dug up the best of luxury items (some on SALE) for you to gift this holiday season. Let’s go ahead and get started on them.

Luxury Gifts to Give to Luxury Lovers This Holiday Season 2

1. Candles

Do you know any candle lovers? I personally knew one who stored all her candles on top of a drawer and there were hundreds of them. Some individuals like collecting them for the scent but some just leave it as a decor piece. The luxury candle trio set (bottom left) is a perfect gift for the holiday season. Or if you know any Diptyque lovers, we have some of those as well!

Luxury Gifts to Give to Luxury Lovers This Holiday Season 1

2. Skincare Set

Skincare is truly a luxury to me. I breathe skincare and I can never get tired of it. I found so many gift sets from my favorite skincare brands including Farmacy, Clinique, First Aid Beauty, and Drunk Elephant and I can assure you that a skincare lover wouldn’t mind any of these. And the prices are so good that they are worth the buy.

Luxury Gifts to Give to Luxury Lovers This Holiday Season 1

3. Makeup Set

Just like skincare, we know a lot of makeup junkies as well. I am personally very selective about makeup but when I saw Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Midi Set and Charlotte Tilbury Mini Pillow Talk Lipstick & Liner Set at Sephora, I knew it’s worth the buy this season. They have so many gift sets and are as affordable as under $50.

4. Perfumes

I recently read it somewhere online that perfumes plays a huge role in an individual’s identity. Those individuals find themselves powerful and scents play a huge role in that. Perfumes are an amazing present if you want someone to feel and look powerful.

5. Designer Handbags

When we think of a designer handbag, we think of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. But we sometimes forget there are also affordable luxury handbags like Chloe, Marc Jacob, Tory Burch that you can gift. I found so many amazing deals on ShopBop that it’s crazy. Some of these handbags are listed as half-price once you click to go to the destination page.

So everyone, have you started buying luxury presents for your closed ones?

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