2021 Winter Staples You Need To See From The Drop by Amazon

For those of you who are not familiar with ‘The Drop by Amazon‘ then you are here at the right page where I will take you down to some of their best pieces and briefly explain what it is. The Drop was created by Amazon in 2019 to launch new collections designed by global influencers. The drops are very quick and are only live for 30 hours as the fabrics are limited to reduce waste.

The best thing about The Drop is that Amazon partners with global influencers who can be based in London, New York, Tokyo, etc. to bring you global fashion inspiration. If you have the Amazon app, you can find the ‘The Drop’ in the main menu under “Programs and Features” or head to amazon.com/thedrop on your mobile browser. I personally have signed up for text messages to stay up on the latest releases and featured influencers.

So now let’s get into the shopping part. I am always sighting trending and staple pieces that can be worn repetitively. As I mentioned, the drop is only for 30 hours which means most of the pieces get sold out instantly except for a few that are left. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and look at the pieces in their categories.

5 Winter Basics Everyone Should Have in Their Closet Faiza Inam cold weater basics must have 5 Winter Basics slouchy boots shirt dress 6

1. Outerwear

Whether it’s teddy coat or leather jacket, we all know they have been trending for the last 3 years and aren’t going away anytime soon. Below are some of the outerwear pieces you may love from the The Drop by Amazon.

2. Cozy Wear

Thanks to quarantine, cozy wear has taken over in 2020 and it seems that they will be staying in 2021 as well. I absolutely love the quality of the knits by The Drop. See my favorites below:

Faiza Inam loungewear look cozy look holidays winter look of the day 2

3. Handbags

Hands down, The Drop comes up with the trendiest handbags. I mean look at each one of them as they are so unique in looks. From the materials, to their textures, to the styles, they are perfect for so many occasions.

4. Bottoms

I realized that a lot of bottoms get sold out fast but here are some of my favorite pieces remaining. Silk skirts are definitely a wardrobe staple. Jean skirts and balloon jeans have been on trend lately so make sure to add them to your closet if you haven’t already.


So everyone here’s were some of my favorite pieces from ‘The Drop’ by Amazon. Have you shopped from ‘The Drop by Amazon’, if yes, how was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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