Although Spring just started, I am already looking forward to summer. There are some trends that have been making waves this summer and from what it may seem, they may last a long time. So for this week’s blog, I wanted to round up my top summer 2019  trends today. Whether you like dressing up casual or trendy, these trends will make you stylish for the upcoming months.

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Top Summer 2019 Trends

Natural Handbag

As I have been shopping for summer handbags, I can’t help but notice natural handbags across shopping platforms. Natural handbags have been in trend for a while but now they are making their way into everyday outfits. They were previously worn a lot with dresses on vacations. These handbags include natural materials such as a wooden beaded handle or rope textures. If you ask me, they will really up the look this summer.

Coin Accessories

From belts to necklaces, coins are making statements into jewelry pieces and accessories. The necklaces especially will give you a vintage and beachy look. They are perfect to wear with any types of tops. I mean you don’t need a V-neck to wear those. The coin belts, on the other hand, are another piece that I have been seeing a lot. From what it looks like, they are definitely here to stay.

Linen Fabric

I recently attended UNIQLO’s linen summer collection and was amazed by the material. Linen is a natural material, I love that it is soft and fresh. The textures may be rippled and are very breathable.  They are perfect for summer and the material easily absorbs air and moisture. It’s the comfiest texture to wear this summer.

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So here are my top summer 2019 trends I am looking forward to this summer. What summer fashion are you looking forward to or is in your wishlist?


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  1. Syed
    April 23, 2019 / 6:33 pm

    This is really cool, will definitely show this to my wife, she loves your page

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