My 100 nights with Endy

I have officially spent over 100 nights on Endy mattress and have a lot to say about the mattress. When I first got the mattress, I was a bit skeptical yet hopeful about trying the Endy mattress. I am usually a light sleeper but have turned into a heavy sleeper due to the lack of sleep I get with an 8-month-old. These last few months with a newborn were challenging and made me focus on self-care or in other words, my own comfort.  To be honest, I never deeply looked into my comfort sleep or even considered a mattress as an important factor. Now when I look back and compare my previous mattress with Endy; there is definitely a difference. I have found Endy to have changed me and have given me true comfort sleep. And here are the reasons why I would recommend Endy:

My Mattress Journey

I remember sleeping on spring mattresses growing up. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I detested them. After a while, the springs would rise to the top layer and give me discomfort. When I moved out, I knew whatever mattress I would have would not be a spring mattress. Over 3 years ago, I went to a local furniture store in Toronto and bought a spring-less mattress. I will be honest I liked the mattress. Since my comparison at that time was with a spring mattress; I pretty much loved the mattress.

Last year during my early pregnancy days, I started getting severe back pains mainly on my right pelvic area and spinal cord. I remember switching positions at night and at times, I had to hold myself in an uncomfortable position to avoid pain. Fast forward to giving birth to Mikael, my back and pelvic pain remained. Now I am not saying that the mattress was the main reason it didn’t get better but I do like to think it was a contributing factor. That’s when I started looking at other mattresses.

I had been hearing Endy hype over the last few years now and so when I was looking for a new mattress, I instantly thought of Endy first. I received the mattress in late November and started comparing Endy and my previous mattress. And here are my thoughts on it:

My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 1 My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 2

1. Firmness

Everyone’s preference of firmness is different but I like a mattress that has a medium level of firmness. Meaning I like my mattress soft but NOT too soft. My previous mattress also had uniform support and the surface pressure was consistent but I did feel that it was a little hard for my back. It didn’t have the sink and I felt discomfort at times. Endy is designed to have three layers. The top layer serves as the gel memory foam, the next layer is a transition foam layer which stops you from sinking into the mattress, and the bottom layer lastly is a 5” high-density firm support base. Endy truly met my level of firmness and my back did feel better when I was on Endy. Every time I get on Endy, I feel it sinks a little but also stays firm.

My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 3

2.  HEAT

I needed a mattress that works around my body temperature. If I am cuddled under a blanket, I will stay warm but once I start freezing (especially in transitioning weathers), my body turns cold and starts shivering. Luckily, the gel memory foam somehow works with my body temperature. In my 100 days of Endy experience in winter, the mattress stayed cool (NOT COLD) which I absolutely loved. The indoor heating can warm you up a little too much sometimes. In comparison to my previous mattress, I felt it lacked the coolness and would turn warm in summer.

3. Comfort

I love my sleep a lot and get as much as I can but the movements can sometimes ruin your sleep. I love that Endy mattress is good at reducing pressure points which leads to minimizing motion transfer during the night. My previous mattress also had minimal motion transfer, the surface was a little firm and thus had minimum motion transfers. Both mattresses, in my opinion, have good motion transfer control.

My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 4 My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 5

4. Overall Service

I love the fact Endy is Canadian made. Personally, it’s important for me to have a Canadian brand as they understand the seasonal changes we go through. Once you purchase the mattress, the shipping is free for both Canada and the USA and more importantly (at least for me) is that they offer a 100-day return guaranteed. I don’t know any other mattress brands (at least to my knowledge) that offer that. My previous mattress sure didn’t. Lastly, as compared to other mattress brands out there, Endy does offer somewhat a competitive price and also has financing options available.

My 100 nights with Endy Mattress Faiza Inam Comfort sleep cozy 6


Endy mattresses are a top notch and are quickly making their way up to the top mattress brands. I have experienced mattresses that provide one or the other. I love that Endy has all the features I am looking for. I am personally enjoying my mattress and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for one. Their service is up to date and you can ask them any questions if you have any doubts. Check out their website:

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