When I started thinking of what I am going to write on balancing motherhood and blogging with a newborn, I didn’t know where to begin. It’s constantly an everyday challenge. I may learn to organize my work schedule but then Mikael is changing every day and I have to cope up with his challenges as well. There is no easy way to achieving that balance but I have learned some things that I wanted to share with you. If you are struggling with balance, keep reading below:

How to Balance motherhood and blogging with a newborn mama blogger millennial blogger 2019 faiza inam

How to Balance Motherhood and Blogging with a Newborn

1. Learn to say ‘NO’ when needed

Before I had Mikael, I was ready to jump into any opportunity that came at me. I guess I was exploring and wanted to add the collaborations to my portfolio. Now with Mikael, I strictly evaluate the pros and cons of every opportunity. Sometimes not everything that comes at you is worth your time. That applies to events as well! If my son is sick, I will rather be home then be attending an event.

2. Divide tasks for each day

I don’t think there is a routine with a newborn. My life was a mess for the first 6 months and given I am a first-time mother, I am still adjusting to everything. Everything started getting better when he was 6 months old. Don’t get me wrong, he is still changing every day but I guess I kind of got the hang of it. To organize myself and focus on my blogging, I knew I needed some type of structure in place. I give myself 30 minutes in the morning (when he takes his first nap) to catch up on emails. I try to get the photos done over the weekend and I usually have a babysitter when I am trying to get the videos done during the week. When it comes to everyday deadlines and blogging tasks, I catch up on them when he falls asleep at night which is around 9 pm.

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3. Patience is key and the time is valuable

Sometimes I wonder if I am giving him enough time. But then at the same time, he demands my attention every minute. Some days, it even takes a toll on you. I think I am past my mother guilt as I give him more time given he is clung on to me all the time. I will, however, come back to this question in a few years. In all of this, I have learned patience is key and I am not going to see him learn something new again. I believe his time with me at the moment is valuable and he may not spend this much time with me when he starts going to school. So be patient because there will always be time for other things but for now, it’s about him.

4. Strong support is important

In all of this, I am glad I have a supporting husband, brothers and close friends I can talk to. Starting a business and that too with an infant is a challenge of its own. It helps to share your struggles and achievements with those who can support you emotionally.

The struggle of motherhood and having your own business is real! There are times I have to quickly clean the house or do laundry or prepare dinner. Sometimes I run behind on my work or the house chores. I am now learning to accept the minor flaws because, in the end, I can’t be good at everything. I am learning to focus on what’s important and let the minor duties slide.

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That’s how I am currently managing motherhood and blogging. How do you balance your career or motherhood or something else?



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