How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

Those who know me know I am a necklace girl. As much as I enjoy my earrings, rings, and bracelets, I obsess over my necklace collection. From chokers to pendants to layered chains, I have come to collect all of them over the years. And this year is all about layering necklaces again. Along with collecting them, I have come to master the art of layering the necklaces. If you need tips on how to layer necklaces then keep reading these below:

1. Start with two Necklaces of Different Lengths

If you are a beginner, then start with two necklaces of different lengths. That’s how I started, I have a gold plated pendant with my name on it and I always wore it everywhere. Years back, the hype was velvet chokers. I would wear the choker and pendant name together all the time. Later on, I started collecting chains and that’s how my love for layering necklaces started. Most pendants length typically start from 16″ and end with 22″. Find your fit to get started!

2. Stick with the same metal color

While some may disagree, I prefer to keep the same metal tones for my layers. Again if you are a beginner, sticking to the same metal tone would make your life easier. I am a big fan of gold but silver and rose gold aren’t that bad either.

3. Make a statement with the Lariat Necklace

Nothing in jewelry pops out like a good lariat necklace. These necklaces are pretty lengthy and go as low as your belly button. I especially love wearing them with summer dresses.

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4. Pre-layered necklaces aren’t that bad

If this is too overwhelming, then start with pre-layered necklaces as they are already layered for you. I personally have a bunch of them and wear them when I don’t have time to play with layering necklaces.

5. The chunkier the better

In my experience, thinner necklaces always end up tangling and untangling them is a headache of its own. Look for thicker necklaces like rope chains as they are super easy to layer.

6. Find Inspiration

If you are getting the hang of the necklaces, then start experimenting and don’t hold back. Look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. I find a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest nowadays. Currently, coin pendants and seashells are trending and I have just added a bunch of them to my cart.

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