Shoes that have taken over this Spring

Every time I seasonally refresh my wardrobe, I am on a lookout for shoes as I religiously believe, shoes can make a fashion statement in the look. This year, I see so many trends coming into action that I wanted to quickly highlight them here:

Pop of Colour

A pop of color can make a statement! Right? I can see myself wearing just neutrals but a pop of fuchsia pink heels can change the look around. See these trending heels below:


I thought I was seeing seashells in accessories but I am wrong, they have taken over shoes specifically in sandals. I love how all types of seashells are being stitched into sandals. I personally find them very catchy.


I feel as if mules are always in trend but this spring, mules seem to step in to make a spring gesture. I seem to think of hundreds of ways of stying them.

These are some trends I came across this spring. What shoe trends are you seeing lately?

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