How to Style Fall Dress | Styling 101 Tips

I love having transitional summer/fall pieces because I don’t have to pack them away and I can continue to wear them in the next season. Dresses happen to be one of my favorite transitional pieces. I usually prefer wearing warm tone dresses for fall or maybe whites/blacks but I don’t wear too much cool tones. Again that’s just my preference! But if you prefer cool tones then why not! Now there are many ways to style them and I am here to tell you how! Keep reading below to learn how to style dresses in fall!

How to Style Fall Dress | Styling 101 Tips faiza inam sincerelyhumble red dress fall dress 1

1. Long Coats

One of the most common ways to style them is by layering them with coats. Not just any coats, opt-in for knee-length or thigh-length coats, and any color can work but I like going monochrome with my looks. For example, if I am wearing a beige floral dress, I will make sure I am wearing a camel/beige coat. Textures don’t matter and the colors don’t have to be exactly the same but should be in the same color range. I am obsessing over all the coats by Allegra K on Amazon (see below). The coats are under $75 and you can rock the looks without breaking the bank.

2. Leather Jackets and Boots

This is literally my favorite way to style dress in fall and that is with boots and leather jackets. The leather jacket is hugely trending and can be warm too. When it comes to boots, you can wear them with long boots or ankle boots. I recently paired the dress (see photo above) with long boots because the dress had a cutout and I wanted my boots to show. In other cases, I would just opt-in for ankle boots as they can be paired with maxi, midi, and mini dresses.

3. Cardigan and Sneakers

If you seek comfort in your looks, then opt-in for cardigans and sneakers. I love a good warm cardigan paired with chunky sneakers. I have said this repeatedly but I enjoy sneakers more than other shoes now because of my toddler. He gives me a good run when we are outside and I prepare myself ahead of time by wearing sneakers with dresses now. Again this doesn’t mean I don’t wear other shoes, I just prefer sneakers more now or until he is a little older.

4. Switch to Sweater Dress

If it’s starting to get a bit more chilly, I mean it’s almost November then you can also wear sweater dresses. I love knee high bodycon dresses (like the ones below) or even chunky dresses when it’s winter. To finish looks, you can wear ankle boots or long boots based on the length of the sweater dress. If you are wearing a mini dress then try pairing long boots. If it’s a midi or maxi, then opt-in for ankle boots.

5. Or Try Leather Dress

Last but not least, leather dresses have been trending for the last 2-3 years so why not jump on the bandwagon and try out a leather dress if you haven’t already. They are chic and are the best way to upgrade your look. I love the green leather dress by Calvin Klein (below right), it’s so chic and can be worn to work as well.

So everyone, here is how I style dresses in fall! Do you style dresses in fall differently? Let us know in the comments below!

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