TikTok Fashion Trends We Are All Obsessing Over

Nowadays, TikTok is more of an inspiration for fashion than Instagram. I feel that Instagram has become limited because of its reach and I am always missing out on IG fashion inspo. But TikTok is the real deal! The amount of inspiration I have gotten from TikTok is unlike any other platform in the last few months. I mean think about it! Before I would watch YouTube hauls and styling videos to see what’s in trend or go check out Instagram feed. But TikTok is a balance between YouTube and Instagram. They are under a minute video and are right to the point which is the perfect balance for me!

Now that we are talking about TikTok fashion, let’s talk about what’s trending. I mean there is an obvious fast fashion that we see at Zara or HM. But how do you narrow it down? Well, I have compiled the best TikTok fashion trends for you all. Let’s go ahead and check it out below:

1. Pleated Mini Skirts

Mini white pleated skirts are all over TikTok fashion and they are the go-to for all girls nowadays. It may seem a little confusing to style it at first but there are so many ways to do it. But the most trending looks are with a sweatshirt over collar shirt paired with a mini white pleated skirt. It’s also a go-to trend for girls attending schools.

TikTok Fashion Trends We Are All Obsessing Over white mini pleated skirts oversized sweater vests 1
Source: Pinterest

2. Oversized Sweater Vests

Oversized sweater vests are the sweaters of the season. You can rock them with jeans, skirts, or basically any bottom. To be more specific, they are not just plain sweaters, they are either plaids or checkered sweaters. I love how chic and comfortable they are. I have been seeing the below sweater repeatedly on TikTok and I love it’s best for a going out look.

3. Matching Cardigans and Tops

To those who love to wear crop tops will love this trend which is to pairs the cropped cardigan with cropped top. At times, you will see them in a set but most of the times, you just have two different pieces. My advice is to buy any white or black crop tops as they will basically go with any light/dark cardigans.

TikTok Fashion Trends We Are All Obsessing Over matching cardigan and top set kendal jenner 1
Source: Pinterest

4. Loungewear Sets

Unfortunately, we are not fully out of quarantine yet or most of us are still working from home. So continue to take advantage of this and stay cozy in loungewear sets. They are perfect to wear at home as well as outdoors.

5. Corsets

I am surprised to see the number of corsets I come across in fashion videos on TikTok every day. I can also see why. As everyone is conscious about their shape today, a corset provides you with shape and support to look a figure. Check out these corsets below:

6. Patchwork Denim

Remember my fall staples post on high rise jeans being on-trend? Well, there’s more to it. I have been spotting patchwork in high rise jeans. It’s a new way to make you look edgy or even chic depending on the type of patchwork you get. The large patchworks give you the flexibility to style the look with blouses or something chic whereas smaller patchwork makes the look edgier and daring.

TikTok Fashion Trends We Are All Obsessing Over bella hadid corset outfit ideas 2020 corset look 1
Source: Pinterest

So everyone, here are all the trends I spotted at TikTok. Do you follow fashion on TikTok? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. October 27, 2020 / 4:20 pm

    Tik Tok has influenced me to buy a lot of things recently that app has so much influence at the moment! These are all items I’ve been obsessed with right now I love the sweater vest trend but don’t think I could pull it off!


    • admin
      October 27, 2020 / 5:55 pm

      Tiktok trend is addictive <3

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