Why You Should Be Investing in Linen Pieces

I used to think cotton is summer’s fabric until I realized it’s linen. Unlike cotton, linen is more firm and will last longer thanks to the cellulose fibers. Cotton on the other hand is soft and wears out fast. I have gradually became a fan of linen pieces thanks to their breathable and light material. Just when it starts to to get hot and humid, I pull all my linen pieces out. In today’s blog, I am sharing linen pieces I am going to be wearing all summer long and you should too! Let’s have a look at them below:

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1. Linen Pants

As a person who loves wearing jeans over and over jean, I can’t begin to tell you how comfortable linen pants are in summer. If you are planning to wear linen pants, you will not only look relaxed, you will feel comfortable and alleviated. Pair them a light linen top and you are ready for summer!

2. Linen Tops

Linen tops are my favorite and I love pairing them with high waisted pants. One of my favorite go-to tops are linen button down tops. I personally have them all in neutral colors and I alternate between them in summer. See some of my favorites below:

3. Linen Dresses

Moving on to my favorite type of linen pieces: dresses. Since there are so many types of linen dresses out there, I wanted to narrow them down to three types of linen dresses I wear the most.

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Indoor Linen Dresses

Because of their breathable material, I keep indoor cozy dresses in my closet all the time. I slip them on and wear them for days.

Colorful Linen Dresses

If you are looking to go colorful, opt-in for these beautiful texture and cut-out colored dresses. I personally love the ones from Amazon and they are all under $50.

Night Out Linen Dresses

Last but not least, opt-in for a breezy linen dress for summer night outs. Whether you are traveling or just enjoying cozy dinners with your loved ones, these linen dresses are a must.

Do you enjoy wearing linen dresses in summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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