Thanksgiving Décor Ideas If You Are On A Budget

Thanksgiving is not too far away and before you know it, you will be with your family enjoying a nice and cozy Thanksgiving dinner. I love Thanksgiving because it reminds me to be thankful for everything I have. If you made it out of the pandemic this year, remind yourself how truly blessed you are. Another reason why I love Thanksgiving is because of its decor. The decor lights up my mood and gives me a reason to bring some change to the house. If you are looking for Thanksgiving decor ideas on a budget then you are on the right page. Keep reading below to learn what decor would make the Thanksgiving dinner stand out:

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1. Table Runner

Because it’s a Thanksgiving dinner, you want to emphasize the dining table. This is where the main event takes place. The first thing you want to look for is a table runner and this is where you will line up your food. Thanksgiving and fall decor aren’t much different and that’s why I love the table runner below. It can be used for any fall occasion including Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Artificial Vase Flowers

One of the first things I like changing is artificial flowers at the start of the season. They can make such a difference. I usually keep mine at the side tables or at the sideboards. The bouquet below is the perfect warm tone for a cozy Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Décor Ideas If You Are On A Budget Amazon budget to buy list 2

3. Pumpkin Decorations Set

I love these little Pumpkin decor pieces and you can get a lot of them for just under $10. You can spread them on random parts of the dinner table so the table looks filled. Another way would be to put it around candle holders. Or you can even leave them at sideboards, side tables or countertops. That’s the best about them; they can be placed anywhere.

4. Dinnerware Set

I am obsessed with this dinnerware set for Thanksgiving. I even talked about it in one of my recent posts. The dinnerware colors scream fall and thanksgiving all together. I am truly a fan of this set.

5. Candle Stand

Whenever I look at the dinner table inspo on Pinterest, I never see a lot of candle stands like the ones below. I am a fan of these because they truly make the table stand out and give the table a height. The little candle containers are nice too but these take the dinner table to another level.

6. Cookie Cutters

If you have kids in the house or will have kids at the Thanksgiving dinner then it’s a good idea to bake some fresh cookies. I love the cookie cutter set below as it has some unique designs.

7. Wall Decor

I haven’t spoken much about wall decor but honestly, I don’t go overboard with wall decor. My emphasis is on the dinner table but a little wall decor isn’t as bad either. I am obsessed with this mason jar sconces for thanksgiving. It’s just $20.99 and will make the entrance stand out.

8. Napkins and Rings

The napkins and rings are a must for me when I host dinners. I can go with disposable napkins but I am not the biggest fan. These napkins and rings are a perfect setting for the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Décor Ideas If You Are On A Budget Amazon budget to buy list 5

9. Figurines

Other than the little pumpkin decor I mentioned earlier, these figurines are perfect if you want to go extra with the decor. I just love how cute these are! You can place them at the dinner table or at side tables.

10. Pillow Covers

Last but not least are these pillow case covers. I like having neutral color like white to place on the sofas. Because I have a lot of white furniture around the house, I want to make sure I stick to a themed pillow covers as well.

So everyone, these is the decor I go with on Thanksgiving dinner. Do you have decor that you like to use on Thanksgiving dinner that I haven’t mentioned? Would love to know what your ideas are for Thanksgiving dinner.

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  1. November 26, 2020 / 7:21 am

    You have such a beautiful set-up! Looks festive but warm and chic at the same time

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