Unique Holiday Gifts to Give to Kids this Year

I am deep into motherhood and the more I see my toddler grow, the more I learn about kids. And honestly, my heart is full every time I see him learning and picking up on new things. I had my share of experimenting with toys, clothes, etc and I wish I knew some things sooner as I wouldn’t have spent money on things he never ended up using. In today’s post, I am curating a Holiday Gift Guide (age 6M+ to 4yrs) that every kid will love. Let’s have a look at it below:

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1. Children Books

I started reading to Mikael when he was around 9 months and he may not have enjoyed the toys as much as he enjoyed reading. I started him off with books with sounds and he would get so excited hearing them that he would clap and scream. Fast forward, he is 2 years and 5 months and I read him books with small sentences. The books have helped him pick up on speech and he can never get tired of them. Llama Llama series, Farm Animal sound books, and potty training books are my favorite. It is with the potty training book that he is understanding the concept of potty training and I am preparing him for it. These are perfect holiday books to gift to any child.

2. Learning Toys

Let’s begin with VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk. This was gifted to him and was the best learning toy he could have. He picked up on alphabets, numbers, fruits, and body parts from this learning station. Highly recommended gift for any toddler! The matching egg toy set is another learning toy that helps them with their motor skills as well as help them distinguish between colors and numbers. I know there are a lot of puzzles out there but if your child is learning to pick up on sounds then Melissa & Doug puzzles with sounds are perfect as they learn to mimic sound off them. All of these educational toys are perfect to gift this season.

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3. Play Sets for Boys and Girls

Now let’s move away from educational toys and look into toys that they enjoy. I am a boy mom so know tons of toys for boys but I am also familiar with toys girls like to play with. My son has an obsession with trains and dinosaurs so a train set or dinosaur toys would be an ideal gift for him. For girls, the doll with a bag back and a picnic set are perfect for pretend play.

So everyone here is my guide to holiday gifts this year. Have you tried any of these toys/books with the kids? If yes, what was your experience?

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