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There is nothing better than a mix of neutral colours. This look focuses on my top paired with white pants and super comfy heels from Franco Sarto. This has to be the most comfortable look I have worn for photos so far. The neck top looked a little uncomfortable but came out to be super comfortable. The heels were so comfortable that I walked a KM in it. Here is my full look below along with outfit details:


I am slowly getting the hang of trying out different types of jean styles. I am usually the type of person who will use 1-2 trendy jeans and will wear it over and over again till they are fully worn out. Boyfriend jeans is a little out of my comfort style as I felt it doesn’t suit my style. But guess what!!! I was wrong as paired with the right type of tops and heels, it actually looked really good on me. My advise to everyone who are scared and are not comfortable with trying out new styles is that try it to know if you will like it or not!!!

In this shoot, I got the jeans from HM for a very reasonable price and I paired it with the stripes top (click here for a similar top). I completed the look with my favourite nude heels and Rayban shades. See full look below.

Cyantific skincare products were recently sent to me and I had the chance to try them over the week. I received the following products below and here’s what I think of them:

  1. Cyantific Protecting Daily Lotion – The moisturizer is light texture and has a decent scent to it. After applying, it leaves a light shine on the skin which I love. The lotion is SPF 30 and is made to protect against skin-aging UVA and skin-damaging UVB. To me, it personally works great on my tan skin.
  2. Cyantific Serum – I applied the serum after using facial cleanser. The liquid has ginger root extract and had a little scent to it. After applying, I felt as if my skin was more fresh as I made sure to stimulate every part of my face. The serum is great for every day use.
  3. Cynatific Night Cream – I am generally picky about my face cream as not a lot of them suit my skin. I have a combination skin and I am always on a look out for a night cream that is light in texture and feels softer on my skin. I personally loved the hydrating night cream and it is my favourite Cyantific product so far. I personally love the way it blends in my skin!

Make sure to use my code “SincerelyHumble” to receive 30% off the entire cart purchase. In addition to the current 50% off the Daily Protecting Lotion. Click this link to shop the products.


Happy Saturday everyone! I think we all agree that sometimes we shouldn’t worry about overdressing and go with what we are comfortable with. Sometimes, keeping the look simple is also trend forward. I wear this type of look a lot but look happens to be my favourite. I am wearing my fav jeans and ended the look with my cardigan from Forever21. I love flats as they are super comfy! Lastly, I am loving my bag from Jeane & Jax.  

Jeane & Jax are a vegan handbag line that use vegan materials to attain fashionable bags without causing harm to animals. They are cruelty free with reasonable prices. They are made in Montreal <3

This look was all about being light with my colour sets. I paired pastel pink top with these amazing trousers I found on MIssGuided. I love how the overall look turned out. Honestly, I have tried grey trousers before but this colour was just perfect. See and shop my full look below:

I am not the biggest fan of cigarette pants mainly because they never fit me. I am a petite person and have certain looks that suit me. In this look, I decided to give cigarette pants a try and I was able to pull off the look. The pants are from MissGuided. Shop and see the full look below:

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It has taken me a while to switch to lighter colours but those who know me know that dark colours will always be my favourite. This look was all about going with traditional black trouser and a grey full sleeves top. I wore my favourite nude heels to complete this look. The shades are from Marsquest (click the link here for shades). They surprisingly turned out to be my favourite shades.  Shop and see the full look below:

This unexpectedly turned out to be one of my best looks to date. Mainly because I focused on nude and white colours but also because my makeup was on point. I didn’t realize the shots would turn out to be so perfect. I got the cardigan from Sirens and my white pants are from Nordstrom. This look is perfect for basically any day. I had this look when I went shopping the other day and my fav Guess bag was the perfect thing to match with the look!!  Also, I want to admit I am not a makeup artist but I do love doing makeup on myself. And yes, I do experiment a lot with makeup. And that is why I am highlighting my makeup products below. My look basically consisted of all these products =)

As all Torontonians know, summer came late this year. And when summer is late, you know it’s going to be a little cold. Toronto weather was cold and windy till early June and  it started getting better sometime  mid-June. This look is perfect for a transitioning weather. I felt jeans and cardigan were necessary so I kept them my main focus. To make it more stylish, I finished them with my fav nude heels, necklace and my Michael Kors bag. See the full look below: