8 Reasons to love Hotel RIU Palace Peninsula | Cancun, Mexico

I had been planning this trip for months but something always came in the way like the birth of my son and moving. Although my friends and families visited Cancun, I was a little hesitant as I was traveling with my 4-month old son. And also because a lot of the recommendations came from the solo travelers or group travelers, not families We read our reviews on Hotel RIU Palace Peninsula and decided to give it a try. NOTE: We booked all-inclusive family package.

Our family vacation lasted 4 days and I can honestly say that it was one of my best vacations to date. Here are 10 reasons to love Hotel RIU Palace Peninsula:

      1. The View

        The view was breathtaking. The beach was right next to it and had all the amenities provided by the hotel. We spent a day at the beachside and had everything (drinks, towels..) come to us.

      2. The Buffet and Restaurants

        They had breastfast, lunch and dinner buffet and to top it off, they also had about 4-5 international cuisines as well. Everything from Italian, Mexican, Japanese to other continental restaurants. The buffet variety was huge (See the video) and had so many options for vegetarian eaters as well.

      3. Hospitality:

        Although I have been to other countries; the hospitality in Cancun was speechless. The waiters and drivers were down to earth and humble. They were responsive and caught up with everything.

      4. Free WiFi

        Wifi is a MUST nowadays. Being a blogger or providing any type of coverage, it is important for me to have access to WIFI in the hotel and surrounding pools. Luckily, this resort had exceptional WIFI coverage all around.

      5. Cappuccino Pâtisserie and Ice Cream Parlor

        If you are a coffee or any type of caffeine addict like my husband is; then a cafe shop is a must. My husband loved the cafe parlor on the first floor and the best part was that it was open 24/7.

      6. RIU-Land Program for Kids

      7. I love how they have programs for kids (something for me to consider when Mikael is a little older). They have swimming pools for kids,  water games and competitions, outdoor recreational areas and play areas inside the hotel.
      8. Spa and Wellness Centres

        My husband and I are big on massages. RIU has a full wellness center with a range of facial and body treatments. If you looking for more relaxation, RIU also has Adults Only villas for a full relaxed stay. You can check out the packages available as they also have special packages for weddings and newlyweds.

Thanks so much for reading! Hope the review helps =) I would definitely go back to Cancun for another visit.

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