3 Skincare Essentials to Live by

Skincare has gotten way beyond confusing over time and that’s ok. The more you dig and learn about acids, the better it is for you to understand your skin as well (like what works for you and what doesn’t). Because skincare can get overwhelming, a lot of us tend to move away from basics. So here’s a fresh reminder to take care of your skin with the essentials. That of course doesn’t include treatment because every skin concern is different and requires its own solution. So for now, let’s dive into skincare basics:

3 Skincare Essentials to Live by Faiza Inam sincerelyhumble skincare 101 basics learn product recomendations 1

1. Cleansers

Before you jump into bed every night, it is important to cleanse your face. If you don’t wear makeup, it is still important to cleanse your face as it is exposed to so much dirt, pollution, and oil build-up every day. If you are a beginner, cleansing is the first step to all skincare routines. If you don’t cleanse, the dirt and pollution will continue to pile leading to clogged pores and therefore acne. EXTRA TIP: If you have oily skin, always use salicylic acid cleansers.

2. Moisturizers

Every skincare routine ends with a moisturizer. As it is important to cleanse your face, it is equally important to moisturize. Moisturizing will reduce the chances of getting dry or oily skin which can be major skin problems. Without moisturizing, our complexion will look dull and flaky, and if you want to have plump, young, and healthy skin, moisturize always.

3 Skincare Essentials to Live by Faiza Inam sincerelyhumble skincare 101 basics learn product recomendations 2

3. Sunscreens

This may be a surprise to a few but sunscreen is crucial. We talk so much about using retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, etc that we forget that they are baseless if we are not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen will prevent us from getting rashes, sunburn, hyper-pigmentation, and darkening of acne scars. Sunscreen protects our skin from UV Rays and there are two types of sunscreens that can work for you: physical and chemical sunscreen. Physical sunscreen includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that block the rays before they can penetrate into our skin. Chemical sunscreen includes ingredients like avobenzone and octisalate that absorb the rays before they can damage the skin. It is important to apply sunscreen every 2 hours especially if you are planning on remaining outdoors. Below I have curated the top sunscreens I would recommend. They are less greasy and produce minimum to no white cast.

So everyone, here are the three skincare essentials that you must have in your bathroom closet. Do you keep up with skincare everyday? Let us know.

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