Dress to Kill Looks You Can Wear at New Years’ Eve

December is all about sparkling looks! And of course, wearing them is the best way to end the year as well as get ready for the new year. I do believe there is something magical about the holidays and wearing outfits with sequins, spangles, and beadings is the perfect way to look full glam on holidays and new year’s parties. So for today’s blog, I am going to be introducing you to all New Year looks you need to keep in mind for all New Year parties. Let’s go ahead and look at them below:

1. Mini to Midi Sparkle Dresses

The majority of the new year dresses I come across on social media and Google are mini dresses which leads me to think mini sequin/spangle dresses are new year staples. But when I started doing more and more digging, I also came across tons of midi slit cut or even no cut dresses that will rock New Years’ events. The dress you wear also depends on the type of New Year event you are going to. But as long as you have sparkles (with courtesy of sequins) in your dress, your presence will be known.

2. Statement Tops

You can go for all sequin sparkle tops or you can opt-in for statement tops for your New Years’ event. I preferably love puffy or pleated sleeves for my statement tops and I am also a sucker for lace work in tops. Statement tops are a perfect piece to wear for small family or friends semi-formal events!

3. Sparkling Blazer

If you are not into glam dresses and tops then there is no harm in keeping them simple. All you have to do is layer them with a statement blazer aka sparkling blazer to finish the look.

4. Embellished Dress

Apart from the glitter and sequin dresses, you can also wear an embellished statement dress for complete formal events. There is so much work in formal dresses like embellishments, cuts, stitching and you want to make sure your presence is known at the event.

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How do you dress up for New Year events? And do you have an outfit in mind for New Years’? Let us know in the comments below!

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