How to Make your Clothes Last Longer

Have you gone through a phase where you wanted to build a wardrobe so you kept staking up on clothes? Well, I have. When I started building my closet, I thought I needed it all. Little did I know I will wear those pieces maybe once or twice the most. Spending money is easy but now when I ask myself, “is it worth it” before buying the piece. Honestly speaking, “no”. But my style evolves all the time so I still like to keep them because, at times, I come back to them. This takes me to my topic of today on how to make your clothes last longer when you have a full wardrobe to manage. Over time I have become more organized and smart when it comes to managing my wardrobe. Here are some of my tips for making sure your clothes last longer:

Quality Over Quantity Always

I recently posted a blog on “Investment Pieces You Need in Your Closet“. The blog covers the investment pieces you should have in your closet. They are designer pieces and a bit on the pricier end but have good quality. I have previously invested so much into cheaper pieces that some went bad after their first wash. Invest in a good piece (I am not talking about designer pieces), I am referring to pieces like tank tops. Invest in a quality piece that will last you a couple of washes than just one wash. You will see in the long term that you are not only saving but also looking presentable in them as well. Believe me, it shows!

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Read the Labels

I once washed one of my favorite sweaters in my teen years that was never the same again because I didn’t read the label instructions. Depending on the fabric, some need cold wash while others need a normal wash. I usually never do the hot wash as it completely ruins the piece. And for pieces like blazers, always do dry cleaning.

Extra Tips for Washing

I also wanted to highlight some important washing tips as well:

  1. Always wash your jeans inside out so they don’t fade away
  2. Not every piece needs washing. Try a stain remover pen and apply it as the stain happens. This will less likely ruin the piece.
  3. Don’t overload the washing machine as it won’t just wash your clothes properly; the clothes will become more prone to damage if they rub too hard against each other.
  4. Clothes also tend to fade out in washing if you run the cycle on hot water. Stick to cold water always!
  5. Close any zippers before washing as they can easily damage other clothes during the wash


How to make your clothes last longer sincerely humblr blog sincerelyhumble Faiza Inam affordable fashion, luxury fashion, summer fashion, seasonal fashion 2

Wash Only If Needed

I have always done this! Never wash the pieces unless necessary. The more you wash, the faster it will get ruined. Unless you are dealing with odor or stains, avoid washing them. When it comes to jeans and sweaters, they should be washed as less as possible. They are more prone to tears and damage if you wash them a lot.

Drying Rack is Your Bestfriend

Last but not least, start using a drying rack. I started using it last year and it has saved tons of clothes from shrinking as well as preventing them from getting overheated. Not only the dryer increases your electricity bill, but it also makes the clothes tear faster. Be careful guys!

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