How to Look Like a Boss Lady in 2021

Hope everyone is having a fabulous new year so far. If there are somethings I have learned in 2020 is to always be grateful and patient. In all honestly, I have struggled with it too but as we touched the end of 2020, I wanted to appreciate 2020 more than complain about it. I do believe 2021 is the start of something new and I feel more powerful than ever. I didn’t make new year’s resolutions but I am looking forward to a lot of new things. This year I want to take things into my own hands and work for them rather than complain about them. Similarly, when it comes to my style, I want to feel powerful and bold in whatever I wear to remind myself where I stand. For today’s blog, I want to focus on how I can completely feel powerful in my looks and I wanted to list out pieces that make me feel unstoppable. Let’s go ahead and look at them below:

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1. Power Suits

I have a thing for collecting suits as I like to wear them on ordinary days mainly because they make me feel extra powerful and make me feel like a boss lady who is ready to take over the world. I used to wear them to events Pre-Covid and I felt like I had everything in control. I felt more confident and didn’t shy from interacting at events. They were definitely confident boosters for me.

2. Blazers

Other than suits, I also love wearing blazers. For some, suits may be too much so blazers is always a good alternative. The best thing about blazers is that you can style it with jeans, dress pants, skirts etc. There is limitless ways to style blazers and I am all hear for it.

3. Statement Tops

Everyone has their version of statement tops but for me, I love puff sleeve tops. I am a petite person which also means I don’t have broad shoulders and so wearing a puff sleeve accentuates my shoulders. I also like to wear my statement pieces in bold colors like black, yellow, red, etc.

4. Statement Earrings

I didn’t know the difference statement earrings make till I started wearing them. When you wear statement earrings, you don’t need to wear other jewelry because you want the earrings to stand out. You may also be familiar with the ‘less is more’ concept. If you style other jewelry, it will take away the focus of the statement earrings (that’s another blog for another day). Ever since I started wearing them, I feel more put together and powerful. They make me feel like a girl standing out in the crowd.

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