Prints Trending this Summer 2019

Prints come and go every year! I love adding prints to my summer wardrobe as they play a huge factor in completing the look. A lot of spring/summer 2019 prints I have been seeing are traditional spring and summer florals or even animal prints which have been in trend for a couple of seasons now. But I also see a lot of other prints making their ways in the retailers. Keep reading below to know what prints are in trend:

Prints Trending this Summer 2019

1. Florals

Florals are an ongoing statement and I can never see them going out of trend. I love shopping for floral blouses and dresses in summer as they are super chic to wear. But something I noticed about floral prints this year is the soft florals and florals within the same color range. Check out some of these floral dresses below:

2. Animal Prints

Ok so animal prints have been in for the last few seasons. From leopard to snake prints, they continue to trend. What I have been noticing more is the mix of animal prints. See some below:

3. Ethnic Patterns

I love a good ethnic print! I recently came across coin patterns and prints inspired by Turkish rugs. They even seem to be taking over runaways as well. Check out these gorgeous ethnic prints below:

4. Polka Dots

Polka dots have been in this spring and seem as if it will continue till summer. I recently wrote a blog on how to style Polka Dots this spring. Polka dots are so much fun to play with and can be incorporated in so many ways. Polka dots also bring about a retro vibe and takes me to 70s. I have so many in my closet and I collect more as I shop.

How to Style Polka Dots toronto fashion Faiza Inam vogue fad sincerelyhumble sincerely humble 1

5. Plaid

Plaids are a staple! I am personally obsessed with plaid blazers and love collecting them. I am also seeing plaid pants, shirts, and blouses this season. They are a definite trend this season.

6. Checks

Checks were in this winter and were seen in pants and coats. This summer, I am seeing a lot of checkered suits and blazers and oh boy, they are already in my must-have list.

Prints Trending this Summer 2019 trend trending plaid blazer
So these are trends taking over this summer. Are you seeing any other trends you would like to add? Comment them below!

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